The Ravensbury Grove Blog

Welcome to the website for the residents of Ravensbury Grove.

Ravensbury Grove in Mitcham, Surrey, has recently faced the prospect of “regeneration” in the form of demolition of existing properties. Many people are long term residents in this area, so this has come as quite a shock. Ravensbury Grove has always benefited from its proportioned layout and a healthy density of properties. Many of the proposals seem to be the opposite of this.

Summer 2013 saw the first leaflet dropped through the doors of those living in the grove, and a series of events by Merton Priory Homes. These events sometimes beggared belief. So this website is here to voice the concerns of the people that live here. A local resource for local people.


3 thoughts on “The Ravensbury Grove Blog”

  1. The residents of Eastfields are as shocked and dismayed as you are. MPH are hell bent on this going through.Maybe it would be beneficial for all the 3 estates affected to come together as one group.

      1. Im glad that Eastfields isn’t alone. Is there a way of contacting me so we can talk. MPH are trying to divide and rule. we really need to speak as one voice!

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