Regenerate or Degenerate?

You have to see Ravensbury Grove and the surroundings to believe it.
Nestled between two parks, the atmosphere is usually tranquil and relaxing – a bit like being in the countryside in many respects. It’s part of the Wandle Valley Conservation Area according to Merton Council’s publications.

I guess that as council tenants or ex tenants, we were always very grateful for such a nice place to live.

However this summer, Merton Priory Homes (aka Circle Anglia) chose to wreck all that by inviting us to small workshops under a marquee in August (how twee) to tell us how they’d like to level the whole area and start again. It’s just that they’d like our opinion first – probably because otherwise they’d be taken to court for insufficient consultation.

This pathetic attempt at consultation provoked a lot of anger, especially when they let it slip that regeneration requires a doubling of the housing density and the selling off of some of the land.

They also omitted to mention that the council had voted most of this through earlier in the year! See this for more information: MERTON-REGENERATION-2013-07-09


3 thoughts on “Regenerate or Degenerate?”

  1. Its good to see that you havent given up the fight? Have you had any response from the other residents yet? We held 2 meetings a couple of weeks ago which was really well attended. We held an informal ballot as to whether the residents want regeneration and surprise, surprise, the vast majority are against! We are now in the process of setting up a committee so we can take this further. Several other residents have written independently to Merton Priory homes, voicing their concerns, none have had a reply. A few residents have contacted Siobhan Mcdonagh who has said if we get a committee together, she will back us and also a resident contacted cllr Nick Draper who has also said he will give us his backing. We are hoping to get a meeting arranged with MPH and have a housing charity chair it. We can then put the concerns of the residents to them and hopefully get some answers. Also I found this article which may be of interest to you. must be running scared if they feel the need to pay a pr company to speak with us!Please let me know how you are getting on. Kind regards Ann

    Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 08:41:57 +0000 To:

  2. Interesting blog I came across by accident (I live on Ravensbury Grove but didn’t receive a postcard about it). My own web searches have turned up similar material suggesting regeneration (knock it down and start again) was the direction Circle was taking even while undertaking resident consultation about regeneration/refurbishment. An August advert for urban planning services for 3 estates, including Ravensbury, ‘highlighted for regeneration’ that offers tours of the sites in September for example

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