Circle Housing finally write a letter of intent…

Residents of Ravensbury Grove received a letter from Circle Housing today, describing how Circle Housing want to demolish most of the houses in the grove.

Up until now, this was mere hearsay, mentioned by the officers of Merton Priory Homes (as most of us know the company) at one of the last marquee meetings last year (2013).

Keeping people in the lurch rather than in the loop has been typical of this housing association.

Here’s the text of the letter:

Regeneration Plans for Ravensbury

During the past week we have been consulting with Ravensbury residents on the plans to regenerate the area. In response to residents’ queries, we can confirm the following:

• Properties in Hengelo Gardens and houses numbered 1, 3,5,7,9, & 11 Ravensbury Grove are not included in any plans to refurbish or rebuild homes.

• Properties to the right hand side of Ravensbury Grove ( even numbers 2-70) are included in plans to rebuild homes

• Rutter Gardens, Hatfield Close and Morden Road are included in plans to rebuild homes

• Ravensbury Court is still identified for refurbishment (but not rebuilding)

However if the planned regeneration project goes ahead it will change the way Ravensbury looks and is laid out, and so could affect everyone living in the area. So we would encourage you to play a full role in the design work which the recently appointed architects will begin in the Spring and which will continue through the rest of 2104, whether your home will be directly involved or not.

We will, of course, ensure you are kept fully up to date with any progress but in the meantime if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Ravensbury Consultation Officers Penny Rowland Hill or Winston Phillips on 020 3441 8518 or email

Paul Quinn

Director of Regeneration

Circle Housing Group

In case you’re wondering, Paul Quinn seems to dislike a possible vote by the residents on the future redevelopment of their homes. Bad PR, I guess?!


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