Sita Mitcham smells

Just had a chat with Sita refuse people about their site in Mitcham and it seems that they aren’t receiving our complaints about the stench from their site.
Maybe the council or the environment agency isn’t passing our complaints on, but also it could be the fact that people feel their views are ignored so frequently that they feel a complaint is useless to make.
Well, we think it’s time that a survey of peoples opinions on the stench is made. We welcome any comments on this.

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@cllr_alambritis how about democracy for Ravensbury too?!


This is where Stephen Alambritis won his seat in the Ravensbury Ward & hence his Labour majority in Merton Council. But this is the Ravensbury Club Room / Meeting Hall, where the local residents have been banned from holding meetings. Does Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes not care about proper consultation?

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Ok for voting but why not for residents? @circlehousing @circlemerton

Tomorrow is voting day, so in a time-honoured tradition, Ravensbury Meeting Hall (aka Ravensbury Club Room) will be our local polling station. However for a few years now, Circle Housing have maintained that this hall is out of bounds to local residents due to health and safety reasons. Though they have held a few staff meetings there themselves.

To get round this on Thursday, 22nd May 2014, Circle Housing have taped down a few loose floor tiles, thus enabling the polling station.

The Ravensbury Hall should be open to residents to hold meetings. Surely Circle Housing is obstructing due process and proper consultation by preventing access for so many years.

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