Our first AGM was a success!

We have now had our first AGM as Ravensbury Residents Association, and we are glad to say that this was a success!

24 residents attended the meeting in Ravensbury Meeting Hall, plus the Neighbourhood Officer from Circle Housing and two staff members of ITRA (Independent Tenants and Residents Advisor appointed by Circle Housing for the regen consultation). We also have extremely wide support from the majority of the residents in the area.

Most of the debate centred upon the regeneration proposals by Circle Housing and a motion was passed to submit an official complaint about the consultation so far, which was deemed to be underhand in its delivery.

Circle Housing came in for intense criticism over a wide range of issues, not least their general approach to repairs of existing homes, but also in their desire to not repair homes that were in the regeneration area (these facts are from the residents very own evidence).

The minutes of the meeting will be available for inspection – please email ravensbury.grove@gmail.com

Our next meeting will be at 7pm (doors open from 6.30pm) at the Ravensbury Meeting Hall, on Wednesday 9th July 2014.

*** Ravensbury Residents Association ***


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