Circle Housing’s Consultation: an unmitigated disaster #mitcham #morden

Locals from Ravensbury Residents Association met last week to formally announce that in their opinion the consultation on the proposed regeneration by Circle Housing was in fact an unmitigated disaster.

Residents spoke of being prevented to meet in order to form an association last year by the staff of Circle Housing, being told that an uneven floor made the location unsafe. However they weren’t told of the fact that Friends of Ravensbury Park (FORP), Neighbourhood Watch and others used the hall, thereby suggesting that Circle prevented the formation of a residents association.

A recent ballot made by the now Chair of Ravensbury Residents Association, Christopher Holt, shows that an overwhelming number of residents in the proposed demolition zone are actually against demolition. This goes against Circle Housing’s Director of Regeneration Paul Quinn, who earlier this year stated that people were mostly in favour of the regeneration project. It has been suggested that Circle are keen to make people assume other residents were in favour, thereby making their work that much easier.

In a short telephone interview today, Stephen Alambritis also said that he thought Circle had handled the consultation exercise poorly, but that if Circle could prove support from residents that he and Merton Council would support the adoption of the Master Planning exercise. Christopher Holt of Ravensbury Residents Association said that he considers this to be an exercise of half truths, due to the fact that most of the residents of Ravensbury were against the regeneration through demolition but weren’t getting their voices heard in the formal consultation exercise.

Here’s the Guardian’s article on recent discussions also:



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