Read All About It! Fears grow that paper skews reality! #Mitcham #Morden #Ravensbury

Read All About It!

Wimbledon Guardian publishes article making little mention of real sentiment on the streets of Merton.

Yesterday, we were contacted by Wimbledon Guardian in order to give our side of the regeneration story.

Ravensbury Residents Association (RRA) spent time on the phone illustrating the enormity of anger towards both Merton Council and Circle Homes Corporation for their recent desire to flatten homes and replace with flats. After conducting their own ballot (against the will of Circle’s Regeneration Director, Paul Quinn), the RRA found that an overwhelming number of residents were against the total demolition of their homes, community and environment. This was described to the Wimbledon Guardian in detail.

Later that day, the article was received and to the RRA’s general surprise, it made little mention of the ground swell of opinion against the proposed regeneration in its current form. In fact, most of the article was about the project gaining momentum when the truth is that from the residents point of view it has gone in entirely the opposite direction.

Following this, reports have been received that suggest that the current High Path representative has had their words re-interpreted also. They are against the current proposed regeneration because it does not meet their requirements, but the Wimbledon Guardian makes out that they do support the project by selectively choosing the quote that suits their article most:

“In the next 10 years there’s a lot to be done. Personally I’m in support of redevelopment. Car parks could be moved underground and outbuildings could be used and they could make the buildings taller. Increasing the number of houses in London would be great but people cannot live for the next 10 years with holes in the roof. Circle Housing still has a responsibility to maintain buildings and they are not doing it.”

So watch THIS space for an honest guide to life in Merton, because it does seem that the Wimbledon Guardian has been NOBBLED.


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