@cllr_alambritis @circlemerton Surely every resident needs to know what you would give them before they even see a plan?!

What is the one thing that every person on the estate should know even before they get to see a plan of a house, road layout or any kind of master planning?

Well, the residents of Ravensbury think that they should be told explicitly what the Circle Housing Corporation would actually give them. If Circle want the residents to have a fair and balanced view of any proposals involving the demolition of their homes, then surely every resident should know whether they would get a “UNIT” consisting of a one bedroom flat, a two bedroom house, or even whether they would get a garden if it were based on their needs.

Getting so far along the line of the master planning process without informing every single Ravensbury Resident would otherwise be a bit like pulling the wool over peoples eyes, surely? Well that is exactly what has happened. Maybe a few have been informed if they have been lucky enough to bleed the veritable blood out of the Circle stone, but we believe that Circle are way off the information trail as it stands.

How can any resident even think of approving or properly criticising the designs that HTA architects keep promising to deliver (we’re still awaiting anything of note though), without this very necessary information?

We think that Circle is allowing a degree of misinformation to cloud the already muddied waters, making it even harder for the residents to know where they stand. As the deadline for planning permission draws ever nearer, leaving the most essential information till last makes for a housing association that seriously beggars belief for all the wrong reasons.

Tell people where they stand before they are asked to consider a single plan!

Ravensbury Residents Association


One thought on “@cllr_alambritis @circlemerton Surely every resident needs to know what you would give them before they even see a plan?!”

  1. To reside in Ravensbury Estate is what many would consider lucky residents to be seen as fortunate and advantaged to be honest i lived here for a little while and i find those words as veracious compared to other estates Ravensbury is in a league of its own its only rare you find or live in a estate that has these beautiful, pleasing, warming and alluring quality’s that consists of an affable community which means friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to and its infrequent you find that within a community why would you want to cause its demise and end it just to fit a glorified image or picture in ones mind?…the residents, locals and neighbors of this estate are contented we are happy and we are fortunate and consider ourselves blessed we are living in a lovely beauteous area that is the mordan/mitcham area ive moved many times over the years but never have i felt so settled and satisfied by a home and its streets you even have children playing in the streets which is a rare spectacle to witness as you don’t often see especially in today’s generation. We are surrounded by two parks a playground for the kids and ground to relax for the adults we have numerous entrance ways to enter and exit the park, to block, obstruct and barricade these openings is unjustifiable as many of the older senior residents like to engage in their afternoon activity’s like fishing which they have permits for and many enjoy this as a relaxing hobby which is apart of their lifestyle, many of the younger mature adults like to take their children, toddlers or young teens to the park to relax to visit the park and let them enjoy the days engaging in playful activity’s. I would like to bring this up on behalf of myself and family’s here within the community at a not to long ago architect meeting they had designs or considered the idea for more parks inside the estate itself which for one is a waste of money especially when you consider you already have two decent sized parks within walking distance from the property’s, parks inside the actual estate i agree to a certain extent its nice for the children to have an area to which they can play and take part in activity’s but tell me how long will the toddlers be able to enjoy the new area which was intended for them? the mitcham and morden area are known for having numerous alcoholics, drug dealers and drug abusers and what better to gather up at night or day to cause chaos, disorder, commotion, pandemonium and disruption this idea for more parks is a waste of money and not worth consideration and contemplation. Another thing i would like to bring to you is the fact that many residents dislike the idea of terrace houses which the council have said was an idea they wanted to originally go on…yet again no consideration for disabled tenants who may need there side gates entrance for scooters delivery’s for new equipment and materials that is vital for them these side gates have proved assistance involving there way in and out of the accommodations to which they live in so maybe these people should be considered or made high priority just like the elder senior citizens who have already been bullied pushed and pressured into vacating their labelled supposed improper unfit and unsuitable habitat known as their homes but other people are living in them right now as i type this reply without any fault findings complaints or criticisms regarding the homes they were labelled unfit this still don’t make sense to me. It was also mentioned on a recent trip to clapham estate that now they have terrace accommodations and tower blocks all living on top of one another this has caused more disputes verbal exchanges physical violence and arguments than it has in the past 2-3 years due to the regeneration scheme that took place this was confirmed by a tenant living in the precise area that was visited by circle housing and the tenants and property owners of Ravensbury estate to which many residents of Ravensbury estate would all approve end of terrace property’s and keep the precise layout it has at this present moment in time with no downgraded newly regenerated home units, apartments or flats near any homes or in hindsight there are no comparisons with ravensbury estate to brixton and greenidge estates. It has also come to my attention that a ballot, poll, or vote has been repeatably declined, refused, rejected and dismissed by the powers that be on many different occasions everytime this idea has been proposed the residents and tenants of Ravensbury estate should be entitled to their say and rightfully granted the opportunity to express their thoughts in this type of manor this should not all be one sided as this whole thing has gone so far for the past year everyone deserves a say and a opinion in the matter at hand especially when it involves peoples habitats and living spaces that they continuously pay their rent for and council tax for in reality circle housing does not want this happen or become a reality for fear of the answer they will undoubtedly receive at the end of the vote, poll by a vast majority of people living in the estate i quote ” we want to hear from you” as it says on transport letters and pamphlets this is false advertising as no one has reviewed, contemplated, considered or evaluate the voices of the residents or listening to the needs of the residents the only thing the council are hearing is their own story’s, empty promises and never ending lies just to go ahead with a plan that has clearly and distinctly already been decided and is spray painted in stone ( really set in stone) with the letters consisting of l.v 40 and e.o.t outside every property and apartment existing at the present time and many team members who insist on bothering, hounding, and pestering residents until they get what they desire, but the residents will get their say and will be allowed an opinion by the Ravensbury residents meeting which takes place every fortnight the next one shall take place on july 23rd in the main hall. Lastly it seems to me that all these plans are in the best interests and more beneficial for the council than for the people who reside here we deplore how this whole scheme has transpired thus far and we deprecate how we have been treated, we detest how our beautiful homes and our whole estate and community are being destroyed and soon be diminished and we don’t appreciate being relegated and degraded by circle housing….this is essential to all living in the area in the community in the environment and in different sectors we need your voices we want to hear how this whole ordeal has affected you and unfortunately your family and close relatives who have been placed under threat by circle housing we need you to help us grow and surpass in numbers and spread the word to others who may not have been informed or notified remember you residents count and all together we can only but do our best to right the wrongs that have been made. Thank You.

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