@cllr_alambritis @circlehousing here’s a post from one of our residents #ravensbury #mitcham

Is this the future for Ravensbury?!
Bulldozer with Circle Housing written on it stands in the middle of Hatfeild Close and Ravensbury Grove, Mitcham. Caption reads, “Is this the future for Ravensbury?!”

Here’s a letter from “Jobi”, posted as a response to an earlier article, but worth reading as a post on its own…!

Jobi writes:

I currently reside in the Ravensbury community and since i have arrived in this neighborhood everyone has been nothing but friendly and sociable.

my days here are pleasant and life is at its most peaceful here, i find it very distasteful and appalling that such a nice area has been considered for regeneration/demolishment by circle housing. Not only has this caused worry, stress, upset and many to feel unsettled within their property’s but elderly, senior, young adult residents of this area are now feeling pressured and hounded into giving up their well kept homes by circle housings colleagues and associates who are working on this not needed project and assemble themselves on the street causing more upset.

residents feel harassed and hassled by the inconvenience caused by circle housings regeneration team. I saw the images of the newly developed accommodations and property’s and i heard what Mr Paul Quinn had told some of the residents leaving them to feel unsatisfied and disappointed by the more false information given to them whilst out on a trip to visit brixton the newly named clapham estate and greenidge estate.

we all feel let down by this whole concept as ravensbury does not need to be touched nor does it need to be changed in the slightest way.

many feel Paul Quinn is a professional liar and storyteller as are the rest of the council. we have yet to receive a truthful answer regarding the plans and where the residents fit in this messed up puzzle.

Everybody is happy contented and satisfied by the way our homes and streets are at the moment, to build and construct new homes to replace what we already have is not what the residents of our estate need or want.

many individuals were in favor and the majority approved of refurbishment and repairs to their households not demolition. the architects ideas were also a shambles and full disarray by developing more parks for children where not only will children be disowned from them but alcoholics and drug abusers will gather and cause chaos to home owners and residents in the local area and and tower blocks to be over looking many property’s where people feel unsafe and vulnerable.

I view this as ignorance arrogance on circle housings part. it’s all pomposity and egotism on their part for not listening, noticing or can accept what we have to say. I mean we do pay our rent and bills right, so i think we are entitled to voice our displeasure of this whole idea especially when it comes to our homes and where we are living.

we as a strong united community will continue to vocalize our points and views at our resident meetings to Circle Housing for their unfair behavior and disgusting attitude towards its residents for forcing this demolition threat on to the homeowners and tenants.

I advise any resident who cares for their homes and cares for their street to come to the next resident meeting on the 23rd of july in the main hall to share your points and views with everyone else who is unhappy with this situation, the councils choice in destroying our community and ripping apart our homes and lifestyles.

I feel this is necessary on your behalf and ours…i heard the favorite word was “compromise” well when it comes to your homes there is no compromising truth be told. We have been forced and pushed to compromise enough! The least you people can do is listen to us and hear our displeasure and disapproval of what you plan to do. This is not the way a council by law is supposed to treat its residents.

The behavior displayed and attitude shown is sickening and obnoxious by circle housing…I think I speak on behalf of everyone within Ravensbury Estate when I say leave our homes alone and let us live in peace without you causing any more disturbances, disruptions harassment and upset.

To all reading, next meeting 23rd of July main hall I urge you to be there and let them hear your voice on this topic thank you.


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