@cllr_alambritis @circlehousing @htadesignllp Is this the future for Ravensbury if Circle Housing get their way?!

Is this the future for Ravensbury?!
Bulldozer with Circle Housing written on it stands in the middle of Hatfeild Close and Ravensbury Grove, Mitcham. Caption reads, “Is this the future for Ravensbury?!”

Why have Circle Housing’s architects been so slow to put any plans on the table? Why have Circle avoided giving ANY details of their proposals? Why does Circle continue to waste the residents time with ridiculous visits to estates and keep pushing high density flats?! Why is Circle letting time tick by, getting closer and closer to the deadline at the end of the year? It seems that Circle Housing want to rush the design stage where residents tell them exactly what they want! Does Merton Council want to rubber stamp the designs that Circle put in front of them ASAP? Why has Circle Housing been allowed to advance their plans at every stage by Merton Council, despite the fact that most residents are angry at the poor performance of all manner of Circle’s duties to their residents? What are Circle’s investors getting in return? What promises have been made to the financial backers? Where are the sums? Why is there ZERO transparency? Why is it legal for Circle’s Regen Director to decide not to be as fully transparent as the residents of Merton want?! Why does it seem that the Circle Housing staff have an axe to grind against the residents? Why do the staff refuse to elaborate despite obviously knowing a lot more than they wish to say?!! Ravensbury Residents Association


One thought on “@cllr_alambritis @circlehousing @htadesignllp Is this the future for Ravensbury if Circle Housing get their way?!”

  1. I find circle housings attitude and behavior towards residents of Ravensbury Estate inappropriate and mainly unprofessional they have shown and displayed zero respect or consideration and continuously refuse to listen and hear what the resident ask for our needs, wants and requirements they seem not to understand and perceive the fact of what the council tax payers are asking of them. Some of the elderly, senior residents have been forced and pressured to relinquish, have been threatened to abandon and have been repeatably reminded and hassled to vacate their property’s by what appears to be bullying tactics demonstrated by the ever so caring circle housing resulting in some of them leaving their comfort zone and relocated away from their family and into areas they are not familiar with and will be declassed from what they have as a home at this present moment in time, which to be honest sickens me because these people are settled in their age enjoying their lives in a environment that is peaceful, untroubled, calm, restful, soothing and pleasant on a day to day basis that was before circle housing’s regeneration team arrived and have decided to take all of that away and continuously reminds us that our homes will be coming down which has effected many residents in multiple various ways as we feel we have all been degraded through this whole process, some of the old locals have explained over the course of the residents meetings that they were being persuaded and convinced by some of the story tellers that they will receive outside living spaces more and more free space inside their new and lets be honest downgraded home as residents have only seen home units and have not had a glimpse of any houses only simple basic apartments just to win favor or popularity contest, not one member has been honest and up front about the situation since the beginning of this not needed not necessary and not required project they have refused and declined time and time again to provide answers and reply to what we will be getting and where we will be shipped off too once these ridiculous plans commence.I also know that circle housing believe these houses are unfit and are considered improper but i would like to know the reason behind moving residents out of these unfit and improper homes and putting other people into them while plans and other schemes are happening at this time surely they cant be that unfit improper habitats if other people are living in them with no complaint or criticism this doesn’t make sense. I would also like to bring to your attention that i don’t see how this helps anyone on the housing list when we were told the new property’s will be sold off not everyone can afford a mortgage especially the way the economy is at this present moment in time this does not need help or assist any individual who wants a home it merely keeps and delays them from living in an appropriate accommodation and keeps young family’s waiting who want to live in a suitable, proper, fitting house. Many people believe they are being separated and divided off from one another because some will receive up to date homes while others will be reduced to the basics it has already been stated by circle housing’s regeneration team that hengelo gardens is being left alone and half of Ravensbury grove is being left alone and the other half is to be demolished completely to make tower blocks looking into other peoples homes and gardens their privacy spaces which will cause some residents to feel unsafe, unprotected, vulnerable and senior citizens of the estate to feel endangered, powerless and defenseless to any trouble family’s who may enter which will undoubtedly cause trouble and friction within the Ravensbury estate and cause the demise of this lovely community if plans shall go ahead and in the words of Mr Paul Quinn “we don’t want that to happen” best answer to this is to leave everything alone and continue your business elsewhere in the borough. I believe that Ravensbury estate right now at this moment untouched, altered, or changed in any way shape or form has the potential to be an example for other estates trouble free. no feeling of animosity no bitterness always clean and tidy, very sociable, very friendly,warming and consists of loving, passionate, kind, supportive devoted residents, this estate right now is how others and surrounding estates should be, to change things so drastically would be appalling, distasteful, outrageous, horrific, and a travesty. to have something new that doesn’t live up to the standards of what we have now and replace this beautiful estate would be a clear misrepresentation of what Ravensbury estate actually is. I would also like to know why the Ravensbury estate Councillor alambritis has yet to make a comment or address the situation or made some kind of an appearance here and make some communication with the residents and provide some sort of answer to what the real attentions are, as you already know he was officially due to make an appearance and participate on the 9th July 2014 at the local residents meeting in the main but no showed us, did not return any phone calls and has made no acknowledgement of this topic. So i ask on behalf of the majority and the countless residents for @SIOBHAINMP to please come to Ravensbury and attend one of our residents meetings if possible and listen to the amount of individuals who are upset scared unsettled restless stressed irritated annoyed agitated uneasy nervous all because of of circle housings threats to destroy what beauty there is left in mitcham/morden and what good community there is left because many have fell apart by the slightest change or alter, please attend a meeting visit the area get a view of the estate and it surroundings because i’m sure if not certain you would find it an outrage to the decision that has been made by the council the residents have had no say in this at all its all been unfair and unreasonable and many would undoubtedly agree with me on this whole situation we have been forced and pushed into. we as a strong bold community will continue to transcend and fight against the decision that has whole whole heartedly been chosen by circle housing as a loyal resident myself i intend to make sure we continue to grow in numbers and reverse the mess that has been made a long with many others who are pursuing the same mission to save a neighborhood from its demise and end. Don’t forget to attend July 23rd 2014 the Ravensbury residents meeting in the main hall to bring up your points your views your perspectives and most importantly your feelings towards this subject and how its affecting you a person or your family’s who have unfortunately been involved. Thank You.

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