@cllr_alambritis @siobhainMP @circlehousing – Another post from a resident of #Ravensbury #Mitcham

Here’s another post from a resident of Ravensbury:

“Joby” writes:

I refuse to be silent, voiceless, noiseless or be simple mute when it involves my family home; a local area that is Ravensbury estate where i have felt the most settled in years: so i will have my say, as it says “join in the conversation” on local transport used by circle housings consociates and allies who clearly have full intentions involving the demise of our community and its local beautiful area that is ravensbury estate.

I have heard from the local fabulist Mr Paul Quinn and closely followed by the tale tellers that no plans or proposals on this ridiculous project were set in stone but when i stroll, trek, or walk in the local area i see that its spray painted in stone involving the letters of e.o.t and l.v 40 and many more outside of every numerous property which clearly springs or jumps to me that plans are indeed in the imminent future; which we now know this is lie number 1.

It was printed in newsletters, pamphlets and leaflets that circle housing’s regeneration team supposedly knocked on the doors of the residents and came to the supposed decision that many were in favor of regeneration/demolishment which was clearly and distinctly rubbish.

I’m sure, if not certain, [that] if we the community was to have a ballot or a local vote, numerous people would oppose to the unnecessary project that revolves around the future of their estate and the environment to which they live in, and pay rent and council tax for.

However, countless people were actually interested, highly approved of refurbishment and repairs that needed to be done inside of the accommodations, without the outside being touched altered or changed in any way, so i think we had our say on that and have told multiple various members of circle housings team and architects our feelings and displeasure to what is being considered, as things have been done underhanded and secretive[ly], and to this day the council still has been non-communicative with its residents regarding the fate of Ravensbury estate and have rather told us story’s than facts.

that’s lie number 2: if your going to lie, remember to lie good. Also i like to point out how many passionate residents and locals of this area felt disappointed, upset, stressed and let down after their experience of being shown faceless and featureless estates; known as brixton and greenwich estates, and many felt discriminated that they were shown new homes with the latest upgrades and updated flats and apartments and the residents were told they will not have these sort of accommodations or live in those sort of domains, but would have the basics that a faceless and a featureless flat had to offer them.

And by a remarkable coincidence no homes or houses were shown apart from one photo on that day – however two residents were invited to view a home by a local in the area of the brixton estate whilst visiting, and felt pure frustration of what they had seen and witnessed, knowing that these future plans were only beneficial to that of circle housings needs and not in the best interest of the residents.

Countless neighbors of mine here at ravensbury also felt abandoned and deserted at their local meeting on the 9th of July as Alambritis never attempted to appear or make an effort to contact the residents that evening and has been absent, and not made a comment involving the future of ravensburys. Nor did Circle Housing’s regeneration team member, who was supposed to be there that day, and yet again coincidentally a supposed meeting was taking place without warning or notification to the residents on the 9th of july who again sought to receive answers from a silent hushed circle housing who have remained untalkative.

Many residents in ravensbury estate and local area feel cheated, deprived, betrayed, stressed, worried, upset, anxious, troubled, concerned, tense, agitated, uneasy, nervous, scared, unsettled, frustrated, angry, and irritated through this whole ordeal; caused by circle housings intentions of demolishing their homes and destroying their community, not knowing what will follow after plans have been done, and what and who will come into an area that never had problems to begin with.

I urge anyone reading this comment anyone in the local area anyone who is passionate about this beautiful estate to step forward and bring your up your valid points, your views, your feelings, and your perspective on this project: your voice counts just as much as they say “join in the conversation”, “they want to hear from you” apparently they might not listen but we will. You can do that on the 23rd of july [2014] in the main hall, Wednesday, among the countless other residents who will be there voicing there displeasure, and who are no satisfied with the arrangements and the demolishment threat that they have placed on to us, by circle housing.

Remember you count and your opinion counts just as much. Together we are strong and united lets express what we truly feel towards Mr Paul Fantasy Living Quinn and his narrators, Circle Housing.


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