@cllr_alambritis @circlehousing is this how Ravensury will look in the future?! #ravensbury #mitcham

is this the future of ravensbury?!
is this the future of ravensbury?!


Because Circle Housing have been so evasive in their dealings with the residents of Ravensbury, we have made two 3d models of our area.

The first shows our area as it is now, with the houses and flats in proportion.

The second model shows a possible layout using the massing of a typical flat of a size similar to that proposed by Circle Housing’s architects during their design meetings.

We believe that Circle Housing is intent on massive redevelopment without sufficient regard to our community, because thus far they have trodden over some of the most vulnerable people in our community with the delicacy of hob nail boots.


One thought on “@cllr_alambritis @circlehousing is this how Ravensury will look in the future?! #ravensbury #mitcham”

  1. As i have stated in previous comments on this well organised, arranged and well structured blog created by a resident who truly and certainly is looking out for the residents of Ravensbury estate best interests and definitely heeds the voices which circle housing has failed time and time again to do for the past year, i feel as many other locals in the estate do circle housing have reached a point where they look at the residents with disdain and disrespect when it comes to our voices our requirements our wants and needs, not only are we under continuous threat of losing our property’s and community but we now we face being demoted and downgraded to small faceless and featureless flats and apartments in different sectors which have whole heartedly been chosen by Mr Paul Story Teller Quinn and his team of fantasy novelists who have have gave us no honest answers they have not been truthful they have been far from sincere or direct with any resident but rather have told us there professional fabricated story’s. Now i keep hearing the word compromise by circle housing associates, colleagues, teammates and collaborators quite frequently and repeatably but how much more does a resident a neighbor and a local have to compromise seriously to a meaningless, ridiculous, absurd and nonsensical project when it comes to giving up your homes, your front and back gardens, your spots, your bedrooms, your kitchens etc i think we have been pressured, pushed, forced, nagged and harassed on a daily basis by circle housing to compromise but it seems to me the word “compromise” means really “do as we say” not one resident or tenant here has had any say involving their property’s or been granted any opportunity’s to address anything that may be of concern to them which brings me to the slogans and catchphrases on public transport on letters on leaflets on local boards the words “join in the conversation” and we want to hear from you are a lie just like everything that has been said is a lie its false advertising because not one member of circle housing has reviewed, discussed, evaluated, assessed, or weighed up any feelings or emotions from the residents or tenants of the Ravensburys estate, people and individuals like to talk about human rights what about article 17 (1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property, what good reasons are there to demolish Ravensbury estate away there is no trouble no concerns no inconvenience no bothers no unpleasantness no grief no unhappiness no worry’s no fighting and no disorder and don’t elaborate or try and explain to me or any resident/tenant its because the property’s are unfit, improper, unsuitable or weak because there were residents already living in those property’s but were made to vacate and abandon those property’s by bully tactics demonstrated by circle housing, other residents from outside the area were moved in so they cant be that bad especially if the new individuals who have moved in have made no complaints, criticism or any sign of grievance towards the accommodation they now live under, don’t tell us its because that so called issue because that is purely and solely rubbish and bogus, i don’t think you should be treating us like and i quote article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. which has frequently and continuously been displayed though behavior been presented in attitude and has also been demonstrated in actions this whole scheme is against our human rights its funny how pedophiles and murderers have their rights enabled, automatically authorized and permitted but when it comes to the people here of Ravensbury estate the people that pay rent on time that never caused any trouble or bad vibe/feeling and pay their council taxes time and time again are refused, rejected and declined our rights why are we even paying our rent or council taxes if we are losing our homes and community in the immediate future anyway. Alambritis the local Councillor of the area has still been absent from making any comment/communication with the residents here has not made any kind of appearance nor has he explained, elucidate, or clarified his absence from the July 9th Ravensbury residents meeting the people in this whole and entire area are the reason are even the Councillor of this area in the chair your loyalty’s should be with the residents and representing the residents and how they feel on this subject and topic don’t you think we are entitled to be put first before any kind of council and their insufficient, inadequate ludicrous and outrageous plans surely a council or Councillor by law is not supposed to treat a resident/tenant/local in this manner or fashion. Lastly i don’t think circle housing fully understand or comprehend how passionate people here are about their houses here and so strongly dislike, detest, despise and oppose to the idea of entering any kind of home unit, flat or apartment which seems to be the plan so disabled ,elderly people along with children will be at further risk with balcony’s high risk for children small gardens for those who need extra house out side living spaces no side gates for scooters or other larger equipment materials or property they have been equipped with by medical staff some people for example who may suffer from extreme paranoia need their own room and spaces for reasons that are valid also as i said before its spray painted in stone outside all property’s. We as a strong bold well built community refuse to rejected declined ignored or silenced we will continue to express our views and pints throughout this whole ordeal until you can perceive the idea that we here at Ravensbury are happy contented and satisfied with our estate homes layout and community we will also intend to keep growing increase and multiply in numbers and will certainty continue to make sure our voices are heard through media social networks and notifications. our next meeting shall be July 23rd Wednesday in the main hall. thank you.

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