@mertonlabour @MertonTories @MertonLibDems @MitchamIndParty @MMLabour Residents meeting tonight, if you wish to attend, you are invited!

We have our residents meeting tonight at the Ravensbury meeting hall. You are all invited if you wish to attend.

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One thought on “@mertonlabour @MertonTories @MertonLibDems @MitchamIndParty @MMLabour Residents meeting tonight, if you wish to attend, you are invited!”

  1. I would like to bring this to the attention to Alambritis our local Councillor recently posted on the Facebook Eastfields Residents Association page::

    Circle Housings tissue of lies, regarding consultation with Eastfields residents last year and our support for our own homes being destroyed, lay in tatters following last Wednesdays public meeting at St Marks Academy.
    In front of our local councillors, our MP, the leader of Merton Council, the Mayor, the heads of Sustainable Communities, Future Merton and the Cabinet Member for Housing, one residents after another tore into Circle Housing. Many of our guests were palpably taken aback by the level of righteous fury erupting from residents. And Circle Housing were forced to publicly acknowledge that the 2013 Consultation was not inadequate. You don’t say!
    The Council made a commitment to residents that regeneration will not go ahead if the majority do not want it. Residents made it clear that anything other than like-for-like housing/ financial settlements would equate to gentrification and social cleansing and will not be countenanced.
    A huge thank you to Councillor Geraldine Stanford for arranging the event and well done to many of our tenanted residents who despite often expressing feelings of intimidation at the thought of standing up to CHMP, did so gallantly. Be proud of yourselves.
    There will be more meetings in the future and more opportunities for our voices to be heard.”

    Now i personally commend, praise and congratulate Eastfields Estate and the countless residents tenants and locals in their area on their encouraging news and putting a temporary stop to a unnecessary, unneeded, unwanted, undesired and to be perfectly honest a pointless project that no body from all 3 estates ( apparently four estates in a recent newspaper) really requires, no body finds essential or really wants i would like to say well done to Eastfields from your fellow victimized estate Ravensbury.

    So the reason i would like to bring this towards alambritis and grab your attention for a brief few minutes is because as you know and well aware he is our Councillor an authority figure and representative of Ravensbury, identical to Eastfields Councillor Geraldine Stanford who arranged an event for the residents of Eastfields to voice their displeasure, disapproval, objections and completely opposed to CHMP’s plans to destroy their homes, wreck their estate, shatter their layout, upset to all residing in the area they are happiest in and ruin their strong, bold and brazen community they live among.

    From the last meeting on July 23rd alambritis appeared and emerged at our residents meeting and heard many voices and saw numerous faces who also disapproved, disliked, deplored, and detested, to the idea of our houses being sabotaged and vandalized and our community left to waste and left in tatters by CHMP after all damage has been done.

    A vote was carried out about who was in favor of demolition this vote included and involved the other half of the estate that would be getting as we know at this moment in time refurbishment a completely different treatment to what the other side are receiving that is wrong as this is misleading and deceptive as CHMP would only use the combined vote to their advantage in the process they would simply act pretentious , those affected by the threat of demolition should be given a proper independent ballot for their side of the estate because the majority affected by this ridiculous and farcical plan would win ,succeed, triumph, prevail in their ballot but this keeps getting avoided and dismissed by all members of CHMP but we the common man and women know the truth and real answers to what you propose SIMPLY NO!

    Now if Eastfields Councillor Geraldine Stanford can arrange an event on behalf of her constituents then Mr. Alambritis surely if not certainly you can provide the same thing for your constituents, residents, tenants and locals who put you in the position you are in now and the char you are assigned too we do pay our rents and council taxes every year round i think the people here are entitled to the same treatment that Eastfields have received or the opportunity to be at given a public meeting like in our main hall for example at a Ravensbury residents meeting if this cant be done what make the residents here dissimilar to Eastfields or high path? or our estate different to Eastfields or high path estate? i think the people of Ravensbury should be given a fair chance at the same thing you are the Councillor of the local area we reside in currently occupy and inhabit in dont you think you should give something back to your constituents for what they did for you?

    You saw first hand on July 23rd of how many of your residents/tenants and locals were upset, discountenance, troubled, worried, bothered, angry, annoyed, unsettled, unsatisfied, frustrated, agitated, irritated, anxious, alarmed, frightened, nervous, stressed, heartbroken, sad, unhappy, miserable, hurt and panic dont you think you owe this one to them people out there as i say if Eastfields Councillor Geraldine Stanford can do that for her constituents then we know you can give Ravensbury a fair opportunity and opening to this sort of event…i speak on behalf of myself and everybody else on Ravensbury Estate no one wants any part of demolition nor do they want any part of their associates colleagues and work mates harassing,hassling, and hounding them on a day to day basis all they want is their homes and community left alone untouched, unaltered and unchanged and you know this to be as true you witnessed the expressions the words and felt the feeling among the community so if you have an ounce of compassion for those affected by this appalling and distasteful decision then you will do everything in your power to arrange an event similar if not identical to what has been done by Eastfields we are entitled to this.

    Think about it…


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