Residents Meeting tonight

Don’t forget that the residents meeting is tonight! Doors open at 630pm, with proceedings to start around 7pm at the latest.

We intend to get a petition signed to convey the residents feelings on paper, and therefore avoid a repetition of Circle Housing Regen Team attempting to refute our opinions as per their previous slippery mannerisms.

Ravensbury Residents Association.

Ravensbury Grove Blog


One thought on “Residents Meeting tonight”

  1. Not only are these residents meetings vital but the tenants and residents of Ravensbury estate this essential and necessary on your behalf to contribute, assist, support, aid, and help with the issues at hand involving our beloved estate which has been chosen to be demolished and to be unfairly replaced by demoted, declassed, relegated and downgraded apartments, flats and home units which is unjustifiable.and unacceptable to weaker and vulnerable residents here within the community but is also unforgivable behavior towards to the adults who pay their rent and council taxes or who have paid off there mortgages for the property’s they now reside in.

    Circle housing may not want you to have your say they may even dismiss your opinion and disregard your concerns, worry’s or fears, but we as a community will listen to how all this has effected you, we want to know your points, we would love to hear your views and get your input in our discussions and i quote for real on our behalf ” we want to hear from you the residents the tenants and the locals of Ravensbury estate.”

    Everybody within the community who may live in different sectors of the neighborhood that we are all so fond of, has to make an effort in getting this word out further everybody has to do their part in order to succeed in what we are pursuing and asking for its not down to certain members to carry the load but everybody has to have a fair share in carrying that load because if plans do commence in the intimidate future residents and tenants will be in uproar and undoubtedly be angry, furious, incensed, and displeased but before these decisions are made and before anything of that sort can transpire, we can all assist and show more overwhelming support to Ravensbury estate and its representatives this is your homes on the line so please participate in getting the word out there encourage or arouse interest or enthusiasm in,support or actively encourage; further the progress of of this cause and then we can advance

    This country sent brave men and women across boarders to fight for “democracy” and now “”equality ” , i was under the illusion that we are under a democratic laws but that seems not to be the case as the residents of Ravensbury estate have had no say have had no part in any decision making and have been refused a ballot a poll or vote by circle housing and we are not being treated as equals but as inferiors this is the truth of the matter to those reading::

    Your voices count just as much as circle housing or alambritis regardless of their treatment towards you and your family’s those voices, opinions, thoughts, beliefs, theory’s, angles, perspectives,,ideas,standpoints and outlooks are 100 per cent valid, they are justifiable, and they are genuine, and we can sympathize with you as most of us are under the same threat this is why its more beneficial to be among the other resident and tenants in the community at our residents meetings this way we have more ground to stand on as a united community fighting for the same cause
    Please be there tonight the meeting will start at approx 6.30-7.00 and will roughly end at 9.00 in the main hall and always remember join in our conversation tonight.

    Thank You

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