Define @circlehousing regen and their consultations… #ravensbury #mitcham

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Circle Housing v Local Residents logo 2

One thought on “Define @circlehousing regen and their consultations… #ravensbury #mitcham”

  1. First off i would like to say a well done to all who showed, appeared and emerged last night at the Ravensbury residents meeting, and who stood up and voiced their displeasure, disapproval, and indignation which means provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment demonstrated by circle housing and its regeneration team.

    So lets run down of what happened transpired last night our local Councillor and politician alambritis showed up and made a appearance to discuss and ventilate discuss or examine (an opinion, issue, or complaint) in public with the residents, tenants and locals about the pending and uncertain future of Ravensbury estate, many of the residents left the meeting last night with the thought, idea, view impression and opinion that they were being sold the idea of demolition/regeneration by alambritis and that residents and tenants alike believed their voices, opinions,wish, views or comments were unneeded, non-essential, unwanted, undesired, and pointless, alambritis also said that the grand plan had yet to be submitted and yet again nothing has been set in stone when in reality its spray painted in stone, when approached and questioned or simply asked if what Mr Paul Story Teller Quinn had told the community in recently passed gatherings on hengelo gardens and field trips to other regenerated estates Mr. Alambritis replied :: “we are a long way off there is still ten steps, points and conditions to go he had no reason to tell you any of that and cause further worry, stress, anxiety, or upset among the community, all plans must be run through me first before anything else”. This simply proves that Paul Quinn is indeed a professional liar and that what ever comes from his tongue is nothing but fiction and make believe, i would also like to say about alambirtis i will not believe anything that is said until i see some actions made or taking place in the immediate future this is not a funny, hilarious, amusing or comical topic this is peoples homes this is real life this is reality its not a game, this whole project has wrecked countless lives since it has been announced, for anyone interested its worth noting alambritis has also confirmed that he will be bringing Mr Paul Fabulist Quinn to the next meeting either this week or next sometime to answer any questions on regeneration so brace yourselves for more fiction than facts.

    The Councillor who was present at last night meeting is working for both sides employed by Merton priory homes i took in everybody’s thoughts and took them into consideration so ill write them here…”we feel we were lied too not being treated fairly or as equals we feel there is a hidden agenda being kept away from the residents of Ravensbury estate…residents also feel Merton priory homes ready have an idea to be laid out on the table but frequently and repeatably continue to slow us down and delay us from reaching and finally receive, obtain and secure answers that the residents of rightfully entitled to know…Thank you to the residents of number 60, 58, 56 for allowing me to post your thoughts.

    To say everyone is in favor of demolition is wrong and unjustified you are talking about two completely different sides getting two completely different treatments of the scheme one half gets refurbishment one half is unfortunately getting demolished i can understand one half getting refurbishment that’s what EVERYBODY ORIGINALLY WANTED but to ask them are they in favor of demolition is wrong you should be asking all those affected by demolition.

    Next while alambritis arrived other authority figures had also emerged saying and i quote ” the council are not doing this for money.” Well i would like to point out that nobody does nothing for nothing in today’s generation and society money does indeed talk behind close doors when it comes to unhanded decisions confidential discussions revolving around peoples homes its hard to believe at this present moment in time that men and women sacrificed their lives in the name of democracy when the residents tenants and locals are refused to be heard, perceived and listened too did those men and women die in vain all those years ago in the name of something that clearly doesn’t exist? it was also stated that and i quote “there will not be any profit and its a non profit venture, and that Merton council would not make any money from the regeneration scheme ” when surely they will get double rent, and a rise in council taxes there will be so many additional homes for sale only, how can there not be any profit because surely and most certainly whoever a colleague, associate, personnel, a work mate or team member who has invested in this ridiculous plan is not doing it purely to help their fellow man but the original concept of business has been always will be after all is to make money and make profit.

    Next up the orlit houses my opinion do not need to be demolished or flattened and neither do the brick houses it has been confirmed last night that the bases still have 20 to 30 years of life left. i think we as a community would like to know why if we are each paying for a plot for example front, back and side alleys why Merton/circle housing would actually think we like or favor losing our front, back and side alleys. Thereby paying higher rent and council taxes for the property/accommodation which in affect so we have been told would be for a plot much smaller than what we already have.

    I’ve taken it on board to go round the local area and have ask them to join in the conversation and few residents and neighbors what they would like::
    1.Want more consultation more open to the discourse of information would like honest answers instead of being kept in the dark
    2.Want the lies to stop and the rumor mumbling
    3.They would like a ballot taken that only reflects the views of the actual who’s homes could be demolished not the whole estate as this would be unfair to those who it would actually affect.
    4.Wanted to know about the purchases of the garage which was suppose to be bought and purchased but as of this writing nothing has been purchased another fabricated story
    5.If and when the plans are surrendered and we don’t have enough time we wish for the time to be extended (deadline)
    6.alambritis claimed last night that residents can be present at the meeting of the master plan we would like to know the date time and place and be notified asap by letters and emails.

    We will still fight this scheme no matter how long it takes, we are strong bold, brazen, well built and most of all unite until we see these wrongs corrected and Ravensbury estate remain the way it is untouched un altered and unchanged

    We have rights too and now we are using them

    Thank you

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