@htadesignllp @circlehousing @cllr_alambritis – will Wed’s be another vacuous meeting or do you have plans to show? #ravensbury #mitcham

On Wednesday, 30th July 2014, Ravensbury Residents will get their next visit by Circle Housing and their HTA Architects. This time round they call it Design Meeting Number 2, and by the looks of it, they have already decided not to discuss the future of the Orlit Homes, calling it “Refurbishment focus group for Ravensbury Court and Hengelo Gardens residents“. Divide and conquer seems to be their mantra, but will it work?

Join the conversation they say – despite the fact that they haven’t ever actually listened to what the residents are saying. A conversation is a two way affair, but Circle and their architects haven’t quite sussed that as yet.

As many residents have pointed out, Circle Housing and their architects have avoided spilling the beans in a big way from the start. But many people think they had a good idea of what they wanted to do from the start. Who employs an architect and doesn’t tell them what they want? What kind of architect gets a new commission and doesn’t wander around the area getting ideas based on their past work and what the client has in mind?

Some call it out and out “lies”, designed to give Circle the upper hand,  rushing the residents over the final design come the Christmas period.

Others called it “disingenuous” – {adjective
not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.
“this journalist was being somewhat disingenuous as well as cynical”
synonyms: dishonest, deceitful, underhand, underhanded, duplicitous, double-dealing, two-faced, dissembling, insincere, false, lying, untruthful, mendacious; etc}

Whatever way you describe it, it seems painstakingly clear that if a consultation runs across the better part of two years, talking up lamppost densities and practically discussing wallpaper designs but only spends a month or so showing you what is proposed for the planning submission, any fool can realise they are being “sold a pup”.

So Circle Housing & HTA Architects, we’re ready for your next meeting but are you?

The amended meeting time is 6pm till 8pm at our Ravensbury Meeting Hall on Ravensbury Grove, Mitcham.


One thought on “@htadesignllp @circlehousing @cllr_alambritis – will Wed’s be another vacuous meeting or do you have plans to show? #ravensbury #mitcham”

  1. First of all i would like to say i appreciate everything that the developer of this blog and local resident Chris Holt has done i admire all of his efforts and simply respect the fact that he has perceived, heard and acknowledged the residents tenants and locals of the Ravensbury Estate and set up a place in the local area where we alambritis’s constituents who put him where he is can actually and literally “join in a conversation” and express their feelings on CHMP deceitful, underhanded and secretive plans and pass comment on their insincere attitude and dishonest behavior towards the residents and tenants of the estate , we are able to communicate verbally face to face with each other and suggest ideas, propose movements , advise others, encourage many more neighbors and urge each other on something that Circle housings has not done and quite frankly will not do and continually refuse, decline and dismiss anything that the people have to say, our thoughts,our opinions, our point of view, our ideas, our suggestions, our worry’s, our concerns, when in reality we are more entitled to comment on the situation, should be allowed to our opinions and views without words forced into our mouths and more so granted our human right of freedom of speech and be able to postulate suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief..So Chris i would like to say to you on behalf of myself and my family who currently reside in this lovely community and beautiful, peaceful, pleasant and tranquil estate thank you for all that you doing for listening to everybody here, considering the fears, concerns, and upset, acknowledging the feeling within the area and recognizing that this supposed “wonder project” is in not one way benefiting the residents nor does it look out for the residents best interests but to mainly benefit whats going into circle housing pockets a lot of people have realized the same thing as time has moved swiftly on from the first day this shambles was announced.

    Now i’m a 21 year old who currently resides in the estate as i’ve stated before in previous posts on this informative blog my life here is pleasant and enjoyable, life is at its most peaceful simply serene and everybody in the community knows each other everybody is sociable and polite on a day to day basis there is rarely any harassment, any anti social behavior, hardly any vandalism or any trouble revolving around the estate this was before you appeared in our calm, soothing and restful estate and its well laid out environment CHMP since you have emerged on the scene you have harassed and pressured many of the older and senior residents into vacating, abandoning, deserting and relinquish their homes and shipped them off to areas they are not familiar with which puts them at risk, since you appeared on the scene you have vandalized a vast size a big portion of the estate with spray paint out numerous and countless homes on Ravensbury in other words known as graffiti which if any other common individual did would be fined this is anti social behavior, since you have surfaced in the area you have caused inconvenience, you have frequently pestered people, you have hounded passers, you have bothered family’s, you have pressured older and senior residents you CHMP have ruined lives not just emotionally but physically and emotionally as well… you and you alone have single handedly destroyed lives, you have ruined an estate, and you are clearly intent on wrecking a perfect good healthy community but yet you still have not answered why Ravensbury has been chosen or named or listed a good reason as to why Ravensbury must be demolished? and the truth is, is because you CHMP are devious plain and simple.

    You expect the people i live with to roll over to accept your plans when they are clearly not happy with what you have suggested , to welcome you with open arms and greet you every time you come into the estate but no one is willing to accept what you have to offer and no one is happy to see you or catch a glimpse of you on the estate. Quite frankly because they know what to expect from you now and that is fiction and not facts, story’s and not real life and lies and not the truth you have made yourself disliked by the residents by what you plan to do involving our homes they we reside, occupy and live in and every time there has been a meeting with you you insist on flats home units and apartments why would the people give up their homes and be salivating of the concept of giving up a home to move into something that’s downgraded and feel as if they have been demoted? you say and i quote” we want to bring an end to overcrowding and provide better insulated homes which will use less energy” by cramming more property’s and homes and numerous people on our small i repeat small estate yeah that will solve the problem of over crowding wont it…and less energy hmmm yeah that sounds good but it seems to me if i understand this correctly we will save money on our energy and heating bills that is great geniuses but then the rent goes up to a larger amount and the council tax also goes up to a sizable amount also so basically CHMP what we save in one hand will be snatched from the other hand for a smaller plot yeah it seems to me your really care about your residents tenants and constituents don’t you.

    You talk a lot of the word “compromise” but to me your definition of the word “compromise” is really do as we say, we have been forced, pushed, shoved, pressured, hounded and constantly hassled into so called compromising that we must compromise on the back garden compromise on the front garden compromise on your side alleys compromise on the kitchens compromise on your front rooms etc etc how much more must the residents who pay you rent and council taxes 365 days every year “compromise”? why don’t you do some real consultation for people who lives that you already demolished? why don’t you listen to the residents, tenants and locals like you claimed you did in your homes matter booklet which you clearly haven’t done as of yet, why don’t you evaluate the problem with what you are repeatably proposing?, assess the nature of the problem the resident have? why don’t you analyse the countless faults and flaws in your plans and silly unneeded project? why don’t you examine the well being of the residents during this time? and why don’t you do a proper survey or provide a proper ballot to those who are actually affected by demolition instead of including those who are receiving refurbishment two completely different treatments why haven’t you done that? instead of focusing your attentions on us i think you need to look at yourselves first as you are simply delusional in what you believe you have done, and your booklets have been been falsely advertised with misleading information and you are known by many here as falsifiers someone who alters evidence or gives a false account and are known as professional liars.

    And we must attend more design workshops for what? more little drawings that are rubbish and people talking baloney and nothing but written balderdash well i’m going to be at your workshop tomorrow to see what ridiculous deceitful schemes the architects have thought of now… funny the last time it was more parks in the estate when there is two decent sized parks one at each end and we already have a lot of green spaces in the estate so that to me was already a pointless idea see what shambles that come out with now i will also be attending the Ravensbury Residents Meeting on August 6th in the main hall and to fellow residents the load that is being carried should not just be carried by Chris it should not just be carried by me or certain other members of the community to carry the load everyone’s home is affected everybody must take a fair share in carrying that load contribute, write and support our mission and our what seems to be right now endless pursuit to righting the wrongs that have been made by CHMP everyone needs to do their bit get motivated and get organised.

    CHMP and Paul Quinn not one of you have been honest with us from the very start of this joke of a plan but i intend to make sure every resident becomes aware of the meetings and attends them, i intend to make sure we grow in numbers, i intend to make sure that these people who are more entitled than yourselves get their say, and most importantly i intend to make sure that Ravensbury survives your destruction.


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