Pictures from our last design meeting #ravensbury #regeneration #mitcham #morden

Tonight, Circle Housing and HTA Architects will be holding their second design meeting on the regeneration of Ravensbury.

In the last meeting in June 2014, they made what could only be described as a “drunken lunge” towards their own ideas of a design consultation, so here’s the pictures from the last design meeting held by HTA Architects and their client Circle Housing.

In that particular meeting, residents were angered by the way that the architects repeatedly told them to think of the greater good in opting for flats rather than houses. On hearing this, many thought that Circle must be having meetings with the architects in private where preferred options have been proposed. This was because the residents had explicitly told them that they want houses, not flats, and that they are happy to keep their current homes.

Because Circle Housing do not publicise the meeting minutes, we are all of the opinion that (unless evidence proves otherwise) Circle have definitely been pulling the strings in the background. After all, even Merton Council have said that the meetings between them and Circle Housing are off limits and the minutes are not to be published!

Pix below. See you at the Ravensbury Meeting Hall on Ravensbury Grove between 6pm and 8pm tonight (30th July 2014)


One thought on “Pictures from our last design meeting #ravensbury #regeneration #mitcham #morden”

  1. If their communication is anything to go by, yesterday’s meeting was a complete sham and further evidence of incompetence from those that are supposing to be driving this regeneration project . Originally communicating the meeting as a ‘residents focus group’ between 10-12. Then changing this to 4pm then eventually 6-8pm shows exactly what we as residents are dealing with.
    To add insult to injury we were denied access to this focus group because it was only for those residence who were effected by the regeneration by means of refurbishment. Really?
    This suggests that either circle housing have no real idea what they are really doing, or this is their ploy f getting the majority of residents onside by showing them lovely pictures of their new flats equipped with new kitchens and bathrooms. Only then will they deal with those who have been threatened with demolishment.
    The bottom line is that this kind of attitude is truly appalling, an attitude that has already seen long standing residents of Ravensbury forced out by their tactics.
    Will we get some kind of apology for this? No, I very much doubt it.
    That said, we shall continue to unite and stand together as a neighbourhood to protect what we have. Most who have worked hard in life to get to where we are.

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