Paul Quinn & Philip Jones to attend next meeting

Paul Quinn (Director of Regneration for Circle Housing) and Philip Jones (Merton Councillor for Planning) will attend our next meeting on Wednesday, 3rd September 2014.

Doors open at 6.30pm, meeting will start at 7pm.
Remember, we’re in the Ravensbury Meeting Hall on Ravensbury Grove.


Tram link extension through Morden…

Interesting to see that the consultation for the tram extension (Morden to Sutton) was only between 21st July and 17th August 2014… Very interesting methods considering that some plans seem to indicate a 6 lane highway along Morden Road and Morden Hall Road.

More info here:

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Are Circle Housing an abuse of power? #bullyboytactics #freedomofspeech

Today we received a rather stern email from Circle Housing’s Head of Regen, saying that he had sought legal advice and wanted us to remove all instances of Circle Housing’s logo on our site.
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Labour councillor(s) to attend Wednesday’s meeting #Ravensbury

Stephen Alambritis has said he will attend our next meeting, so please feel free to attend. Please let your neighbours know about this meeting too, as they might not get to check their emails.

If you can email us with questions ahead of time, we can put them onto the agenda.

See you all on Wednesday evening at Ravensbury meeting hall. Doors open at 630pm, and we will start the meeting at 7pm.

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Please email to add your question to the agenda!

If you would like to add a question to the next meeting’s agenda, then please email us on – we need your questions!

The next meeting starts at 7pm on Wednesday evening (doors open at 630pm) – that’s the 20th August 2014.

We meet in the Ravensbury Meeting Hall on Ravensbury Grove.

See you there!