One thought on “@circlehousing @cllr_alambritis This is the problem that Circle have in #merton #mitcham #Ravensbury”

  1. I’ve never been one to remain silent nor have i been known to be tight lipped when it involves a situation, topic and subject that many obviously feel so passionate about.

    Circle housing clearly, distinctly, and markedly have full intentions to go ahead with their undeniable objectives and plans and as much as its been claimed and stated numerous times they want the residents input want to hear the opinions, the views, the points, the suggestions and ideas its seems plain and simple that all of those valid voices are not required, needed, sadly non-essential nor are they wanted by the council who’s project that basically comprise’s entirely of destruction of a perfect estate, that consists of the ruin of a sociable friendly bold and strong community. and obviously includes the raze of solid houses within the area that still have 20 – 30 years of life left in them only to be replaced by home units, apartments and downgraded flats leaving countless individuals who occupy, reside, and inhabit what good they have now to feel ousted and ejected from the original homes that they currently live in only to be mistreated once plans begin and receive and be contained within a flat within a new generated block that will replace the houses that you can undoubtedly see untold individuals, men, women, children and senior residents desire to remain and stay on the estate that Ravensbury estate has been known to be over the course of time during its existence, an estate of lovely surroundings, amazing layout, loving community and spacious homes that are unaltered untouched unchanged unmarked and undamaged which every person resident tenant and local would agree it should be left that way. So many story’s have been told about the regeneration scheme that it has been become cryptic of sorts and is shrouded in mystery not one resident tenant or local knows what future holds for Ravensbury as everything has been left in uncertainty its a dilemma that those who are supposed to be professional authority figure should be giving and providing proper, accurate, and genuine consultations to the members of the residents association, so much misleading information has been given and stated to every person that every resident, tenant and local has offered a different answer at the residents meetings to every question that has been asked of them.

    Not only has the attitude by circle housing been appalling and the way they have presented themselves to the vulnerable senior older residents been distasteful by providing false hope and giving empty promises that they cant and for a certainty wont live up too, but what they have introduced in the form of supposed designs has been quite frankly and honestly been a complete waste of every body’s time and every word spoken by Mr.Paul Mags man Quinn and all of his associates, colleagues, co workers, partners and workmates was nothing but nonsense coming from people who are nonsensical it was simply convoluted extremely complex and difficult to follow.

    Everything presented on the table and boards surrounding the residents tenants and locals today was absolutely pointless, useless and inadequate for the vulnerable and helpless members of the area. Today once again plans and underhanded schemes were showing and displaying nothing but flats muse houses, and maisonettes again if these are what are going to be replacing our homes they are basically valueless and cheap to the members of the estate why will we want apartments, flats, muse houses, maisonettes instead of our homes and property’s that we are satisfied and contented with? when there will be a major increase in rent and considerably more council tax to pay for a smaller plot and smaller property the measurements were not conducted in a survey but really thought to be adequate, sufficient and suitable by circle housing which in reality on there part is sheer illusory based on illusion; not real.

    It was said again today by Mr.Quinn that most of the residents tenants and locals who occupy, reside, inhabit and live within the Ravensbury area that 95 per cent were in favor of demolition yet again which truth be told is another example of Mr. Quinn and CHMP’S compulsive lies and deceitfulness i dont see one person salivating over the idea of demolition or celebrating the fact of their homes coming down i don’t even know where these supposed facts or figures come from because it certainly isn’t the residents it was proved today yet again that 95 percent countless and numerous individuals totally opposed were against and were completely averse to this and wrote no demo on a sheet of paper ( follow @RavensburyBlog on twitter or the official face book page to observe the proof of the rejection of circle housing plan by the residents) which included numerous signatures of those affected by demolition that included CHMP’S downgraded ploy’s which means a cunning plan or action designed to turn a situation to one’s own advantage which circle housing has evidently and obviously done throughout this whole ordeal and process i have proof of this statement and can back up this claim also as i knocked on the doors personally of half the street with a petition and asked for their honest opinion on the situation and what they would prefer D- Demolition or R-Refurbishment as the outcome out of 25-35 signatures (so far) 34 people wanted and desired refurbishment to the property’s they currently retain possession of and i don’t blame them for this decision or wish…to come to this strange assumption CHMP that means you have supposedly done regular, appropriate, suitable and candid consultations ( which you professed with false advertising with booklets, leaflets letters etc etc) with the people who currently own, rent and pay for the homes you plan to annihilate and obliterate in the immediate future but one can speak and voice the thoughts of the vast countless people of Ravensbury Grove, Rutter Gardens and Hatfield Close that not one of us has been offered, given, proffer ( hold out or put forward (something) to someone for acceptance.) not volunteered or take a moment of one’s time or extend your hand in a genuine truthful manner to anyone on Ravensbury Estate regarding and concerning consultation about the misery you continuously plot and plan to put this sociable community and pleasant estate through you are not making amelioration’s ( the act of making something better; improvement.) you are merely causing affliction, disorder and disarray its misconception a view or opinion that is incorrect because based on faulty thinking or understanding and your visions are make-believe.

    Not only are you taking homes away from the common man and woman who have spent thousands upon thousands of pounds on their homes but also from our brave veterans one known as War veteran Compton Wilkinson one of Eastfields residents He was among thousands of troops sent to the front line in France to defeat the advancing German army in 1944. this man is one of countless people who sacrificed their lives for this country only to have everything he has worked so hard for and fought for took away from him this country’s so called higher authority’s figure heads who lets be honest like circle housings are brainless and lack compassion and empathy were quick enough to send this man to his possible fate all those years ago, but will destroy what good this man has made for himself, disturb his living, wreck his livelihood and make him pay more of his income for something smaller ( a flat , a block, muse houses, home units, apartments or maisonettes) as i pointed out earlier in this comment , is this truly how we treat the people who fought for us? was that career truly worth it just to come back home and years later be treated with total disrespect?

    Mr Wilkinson, who lives alone, said: “It may be nothing special to someone else but it’s my home. My vision and hearing are both failing to the extent I am now registered as disabled. “If they push me out to who knows where, how will I start again and how will I know where everything is?” this is certainly and most definitely arrogance, insolence and purely egotism on circle housings part to still go ahead with their dishonest attitude sickening behavior and conniving and calculating plan’s not just to this brave individual who deserves to live out the rest of his days in peace but to all of us affected by ‘demolishment’ and deconstruction the image that has been portrayed thus far by CHMP continuously, frequently and repeatably leave’s residents tenants local’s and now war veterans to feel even more unheard when they speak the words they feel most passionate about and now they are made to be invisible as secretive conversations take’s place behind close doors, plans to be restricted from the 3 estates unfortunately involved and information to remain unpublished,, thus not incorporating or including the needs, wants, desires, wishes and requirements of the residents and ultimately coming to an ‘agreeance’ that the considerations are unnecessary and not a top priority or even be made a responsibility , but in fact its about what CHMP clearly want’s and what they hope to gain from this ridiculous, farcical, unreasonable, unaccommodating and troublesome project they have made that perfectly clear to all in their actions and attitude over the course of this farce to see the proof of our one of our beloved war veterans is being treated by circle housing personnel follow East fields resident associations official page on facebook.

    This to me is truly about profit, making extra and all revolve’s around personal gain, circle housings greed is playing a huge role in this whole nightmare it was said and revealed to be a non-profit venture at a resident’s meeting not too long ago, but the individual male or female who has invested in this whole fiasco is purely not doing this to help, assist, aid or succour ( assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.) their fellow man or fellow woman, the whole point of business is to simply make money and profit back from the investment you made why would you continuously obsess over flats, home units, apartments, muse houses and maisonettes because you gain and obtain more money back and reap in the profit from the extra rent and council tax payment’s that follow from the newer faces and newly developed building’s on the premises and throughout the area, it is clearly obvious to numerous individuals that circle housing are only thinking of cupidity involving this project meaning ( greed for money or possessions.) to think or believe to such an extent that residents and tenants are this silly, stupid or idiotic is sheer foolishness on CHMP’S part.

    Stephen Alambritis has only ever made one visit throughout this catastrophe and has remained silent on the situation when my neighbors posed questions to Mr.Alambritis at a residents meeting too long ago he didn’t make eye contact and kept his head down with his constituent’s who in fact placed him into his position of power but he confirmed he was part of the regeneration panel many individuals felt lied to again by the person they had empowered with their trust, it was said there was 10 steps and 10 conditions that he must approve first before actions can indeed take place but surely if you are apart of the panel you obviously know whats going on you would keep the council tax payers updated and informed or even notify them on the situation, but instead Alambritis has kept his distance and made very little contact and communication with the people in the estate which is now sparking and provoked conspiracy theory’s with Alambritis whether he has more of a mutual agreement and a deal has already been made with CHMP other just an involvement with CHMP’s panel among the people throughout the estate rumors are bound Mr. Alambritis and i don’t blame nor do i criticize the majority who are thinking this way about the position they have been placed in, i’m curious and we quite often ponder on the thought as to why Alambritis and no other representatives higher up have not emerged, appeared and showed up on behalf of his and their constituent’s and their voters every time circle housing regeneration’s team decide and choose to have a picnic in the area and determine to show us more rubbish and witness with their own eyes and hear with their own ears and actually perceive, recognize, realize, understand and be ascertain (find something out for certain; make sure of) what the people are actually, accurately and precisely saying to Mr. Quinn and his team about their true feelings on regeneration/demolition and how they have been treated during this masquerade they have displayed the Tory party seem to have a great interest, are engrossed, and intrigued anent ( concerning; about.) regeneration and demolition and have noticed the up roar within this community, word is some individuals would like a tory representative present at an arranged meeting by Mr. Quinn and his team or architect meeting arranged by other associates of circle housing with Mr. Alambritis also present to hear the words people feel most intense,impassioned, spirited and wholeheartedly feel.

    Circle housing have said they want to hear from the residents but from what i have gathered from the residents of Ravensbury Grove, Rutter Gardens and Hatfield Close (thus far) the most hottest topic they have touched upon and constantly asked for is a ballot, a vote or a poll of sorts for the side which is actually affected by the demolition scheme, but this had been refused, declined and they have repudiated this which means refuse to accept; reject, time and time again for no good reason or valid point, When 2 residents went on a trip to visit two newly generated estate’s they never got to see, get a sighting or a glimpse of a house or a proper, suitable, acceptable, satisfactory, worthy, fitting home instead they were shortly informed once they arrived in the newly generated area’s by a remarkable coincidence they couldn’t visit any homes or see them ( though the plan originally and earlier in the day was to view a good portion of houses but that immediately and instantly changed once residents had left their comfort zones) instead they were shown downgraded, poor cheap, degraded, faceless and featureless flats they had to sneak away from the group and ask permission and get consent to view a home by a resident and they were unhappy and disappointed they were also shown one photo of a newly generated home on a mobile device but it was only the front of the accommodation that was still being structured this still was not good enough, leaving the journey home to be made of arguments and debates where residents detested, deplored, despised, loathed criticized and were displeased from what they had seen, witnessed, viewed and observed throughout the day knowing what good they will lose to be replaced with something so wrong, others said it was a prime example of discrimination that after demolition had finished they would not have the new upgrades just the basics this sparked more anger and rightfully so. Also on the way back home they had asked Mr. Quinn about a ballot he replied:: ” you don’t even know what you are balloting against” erm Mr.Quinn i think the 95 per cent of people who are not in favor and disapprove of your plots and plans know what exactly what they are balloting against and that is keeping their homes, saving their community, and rescuing their estate that is what they are balloting against. Circle have recently tried a divide and conquer by separating two sides of the estate off with two completely dissimilar treatments one side being under ‘demolishment’ while the other gets refurbishment, refurbishment has been promised new windows new gardens new paint work, new doors, new kitchens, new bathrooms and the newest upgrades, while the side affected by demolition is promised and guaranteed a life of misery and depression, circle housing have attempted numerous times to add the refurbs opinions and points too demolition which you simply can not do as its erroneous ( wrong; incorrect.) if your going by using refurbs opinions and points on demolition you are simply inaccurate in your facts and figures you are also incompetent not having or showing the necessary skills to do something successfully and unethical not morally correct. this wonderland that is pictured in circle housings mind will not be an all peaceful live in harmony environment because what you have planned for this estate is simply disparate ( essentially different in kind; not able to be compared) especially to what we have now, there will no comparisons and things will not work the way the writing has supposedly been written on the wall in the office or how the picture has been painted in the meetings of CHMP everything that has been spoken by CHMP is imprecise and bogus don’t believe anything that they tell you its all fiction and story’s no truth to it what so ever until proven otherwise.

    why would you squander, misspend, misuse and waste the money that we in reality pay you? especially , substantially and mainly after what you have seen in the reactions and expressions by the residents who find this so called ” better future” that you repeatably mention nothing but unnecessary, pointless, worthless, purposeless and very much unwanted, as nothing is linked to what the countless numerous untold people wrote to circle about their needs, wants, requirements, desires, requests or demands people know what to expect the other day at another picnic fiesta arranged by circle housing was mainly about 3- 4 bedroom maisonettes, flats, home units and muse houses i didn’t see or catch a glimpse a glance or sighting of anything regarding houses or anything catering for a 2 bedroom property many others had noticed this and left them feeling further infuriated for example if CHMP cant carry out maintenance or repairs to the existing property’s now how can they possibly fair in a regeneration scheme? knowing the homes they are taking away and what will replace them is indeed a social scandal to all affected.

    I’m 21 years old and believe me i’m not stupid i see and recognize exactly whats going on along with innumerable people also we will continue to fight remain strong and united until you disappear completely out of our estate, out of our community and most importantly out of our lives, so CHMP do yourself a favor go away and lie to somebody else and take your corrupted mentality, shady associates, shifty and crafty schemes, underhanded deal’s, dishonest attitude, deceitful actions, and unreliable partners like keemot with you.

    Your’s sincerely


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