@circlehousing @cllr_alambritis what is it about a residents association that you don’t understand?! #mitcham #morden

Saturday’s meeting on our green provided yet another “interesting” experience in Circle Housing’s consultation methods. Christopher Holt – Chair of Ravensbury Residents Association – was told by both Circle Housing’s Regeneration team along with HTA Architects that his view was merely a personal one. This chorus of discomforting unison merely reinforces the residents belief that not only does Circle Housing not respect the concept of a residents association, but it also sees no wrong in appointing a company such as HTA as long as it also feels sufficient righteous indignation to bully the Chair of the local residents association into submission.

Relegating or subjugating the residents association by disrespecting the person appointed by the residents to voice their fears is yet another nail in the coffin of properly transparent consultation and open discussion.

We look forward to the day that Circle Housing and their regeneration team are dethroned from their position of Merton’s Ultimate Autocrat of the Year 2013, 2014 and beyond.

residents sign against demolition
residents sign against demolition

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