Define @circlehousing regen and their consultations… #ravensbury #mitcham

Circle Housing v Local Residents logo 2
Circle Housing v Local Residents logo 2

One thought on “Define @circlehousing regen and their consultations… #ravensbury #mitcham”

  1. I have just received the latest home matters booklet and read with interest the 2 page spread entitled ” keeping you involved with regeneration” and i would like in fact love to answer a couple of these so called ideas for new neighborhoods lets start shall we okay::

    1a.”Provide well designed homes for all residents?”
    1b. how can they honestly propose this when we have not heard of or seen any sort of proposals for houses being built or offered when its all been flats home units and apartments in fact no homes were even shown on the trip to clapham and greenidge estates all of what the residents here saw was a photograph this one is ridiculous just like the people in charge of the project.

    2a. “Bring an end to overcrowding?”
    2b. By cramming, squeezing , packing and over filling more unneeded and unnecessary homes and countless people on our small estate , yeah that will solve the problem that wont it bravo.

    3a.”Provide better insulated homes which will use less energy?”
    3b. Sounds good! But it seems if i understand correctly we will save money on our energy and heating bills great! but then the residents, tenants and locals of Ravensbury estate rent will go up considerably and the council tax , so basically what we save in one hand will be snatched from the other hand, real creative geniuses.

    4a.” Bring new and improved green areas spaces to the estate?”
    4b. Why? we have 2 lovely wide open spaces for parks one on each end of our estate which is in reality 5 minutes walking distance from the front doors, we also have green areas in the estate itself, so whats the point in this idea not only are you destroying peoples property’s but you want to also ruin our community too by inviting alcoholics and drug dealers into these new areas which is what mitcham is known for don’t believe me go into mitcham center or local job centers…nice to know you care for the well being of your residents and tenants and their futures.

    5a. ” Improve safety, access, parking and bin storage?”
    5b. What a joke, we do not have these problems as far as i know of and not one individual from this area has even mentioned them at the resident meetings. If MPCH really want to help improve our lives, our beloved estate and our brilliant community then this is easy, first of all stop trying to knock our homes down and rumor mongering , try instead the idea of repairing and improving our existing homes, not trying to make our homes smaller, more expensive and reducing or taking our front and back gardens and side entrances. And second our estate and community is nice just the way it is , we do not need our community being pulled and ripped apart or numerous more people squeezed into it, the layout of the estate is fine to suits us as it is, it is the insides of our homes that need improving and updating, not their size or layout, why don’t MPCH look around the borough there are plenty of other spaces or disused industrial plots they can build on , where they can squash in as many poor souls as they can.

    This is the joke bit they say that want the residents views so lets give it to them , SIMPLY NO! to regeneration and demolition , you have not gave us truthful and honest answers you have refused to be candid with everybody on this estate you have frequently and repeatably dismissed everybody’s opinions, their say and their opinions and this country is meant to be about democracy and equality? we are not treated as equals but rather treated as inferiors basically leave our homes and community alone , go and lie to someone else , we have had enough, By the way on the next page in “home matters” is a page 2 spread sheet entitled and named ” from small acorn oaks court has grown”. this was the new so called community that some of our older senior residents were pressured, hounded and forced into moving to, what are they after now? hoping to make more of our older and senior, residents leave, abandon and vacate there homes probably and most likely! go away MPCH and take your so called good ideas and plans with you , everything you have publicized in this “home matter” is false advertising we all have had enough of this farce so go and to lie to someone else.

    I thought i’d point out the flaws

    And i know more than anyone that people in the authority don’t like the idea of the common man or woman speaking their mind on a topic that’s not funny not amusing nor is it hilarious…but its real life they most likely find it to be disrespectful when i just say and give my opinion and share among my peers here on this lovely, beautiful estate but i find it disrespectful that you compare this estate to troubled and disturbed estate when in reality there is no comparisons and that you look down in disdain at all my neighbors who just want their homes, habitats, property’s and accommodations left alone untouched, unaltered, unchanged, unmarked and unaffected by circle housing, i have heard so many fabricated story’s so many lies and nothing but fiction from representatives of the council and i have yet just like everybody else here has not heard any facts has not been given any fair treatment or received any truthful answers regarding the uncertain future of this estate. Instead you rather put up tents serve sandwiches and give out soft drinks and convince and persuade older senior residents with empty promises harass, bully, force, push, pressure, nag, hassle, disturb, disrupt, trouble, intimidate, hound and brain wash other residents tenants into vacating their property’s isn’t it funny how we never had any graffiti on this estate until you appeared now the whole street is sprayed with complete rubbish and bogus isn’t it funny how we never had any gangs on our street creating disturbances and causing panic and trouble to residents but that changed as soon as you showed up in packs talking about ruining property s and ripping apart community’s. All of my friends the residents the tenants the owners and the locals on the one side that is to be unfortunately demolished demand a separate vote away from the refurbished property’s on the other side that reflects what our side wants, to include the entire estate is wrong and unjustified to even believe for a minute we even want demolition is fallacious on your part we want the same treatment in refurbishment we demand a separate vote, but yet again you will probably dismiss that just like you dismissed a ballot the same way you refused a public vote the same way you declined a public poll not only have we been refused human rights but we also feel like we are losing our dignity being treated as inferiors.

    We have a voice we deserve a say
    We have a mind we will express it
    We have a view we will stick to it
    We have points we will share them
    We have each other we are united

    Thank You


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