Are Circle Housing an abuse of power? #bullyboytactics #freedomofspeech

Today we received a rather stern email from Circle Housing’s Head of Regen, saying that he had sought legal advice and wanted us to remove all instances of Circle Housing’s logo on our site.

He said:
“I would therefore once again ask that you immediately remove all use of Circle’s logo from your blog and any other communications.  Circle reserves all rights to take further action in the event that you fail to do so.”

We find this a VERY strange request from the regeneration team considering they should be concentrating on a better method of consultation rather than trying to keep the residents association mouth shut by threatening legal action regarding the blog. But it does show where their efforts lie.


2 thoughts on “Are Circle Housing an abuse of power? #bullyboytactics #freedomofspeech”

  1. We as residents reserve the right to take legal action if they carry on lying to us and causing us so much stress and ill health because they would rather hide things from us and not work with us but against us. They are in breach of their so called work with the residents policy. We do not want our houses pulled down. We will fight for our human rights

  2. So we remove the logo, big deal. Circle has run a deeply flawed consultation process that has inaccurately portrayed the views and priorities of the vast majority of [residents] to push through their preferred solution. They didn’t become the lowest of the low and it does us no credit to attack the organisation rather than the flawed process. Failing to adequately maintain the estate and then present demolition as the solution to low level concerns about poor lighting and cracked footpaths is wrong but we don’t need to use their logo to challenge it.

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