Wednesday’s Meeting is on Thursday!

Wednesday’s Meeting is on Thursday!

Remember that the usual fortnightly meeting is now on Thursday this week. This is due to a clash with another meeting at the hall.

It will be back to Wednesdays next time.

Apologies for the calendar on the website showing incorrectly!


@circlehousing – Our Survey Says: 98% of Residents Against Demolition! #ravensbury #mitcham #morden

Dear Circle Housing (amongst others),

Our Survey Says: 98% of Residents Are Against Demolition! #ravensbury #mitcham #morden

Over the past few months, we as the Ravensbury Residents Association thought it correct to properly canvas opinion in order to demonstrate the strength of feeling here in the area that Merton Council and Circle Housing like to refer to as the Ravensbury Estate. We call the area “Ravensbury Village” because that is far better a description of what we have here as a community.

The reasoning behind why we felt the need for a survey of this kind was because members of the “Circle Housing Regeneration Game” had consistently stated that most people were in favour of regeneration through demolition. Seeing as most residents that we had spoken to personally were outraged by the possibility of their area being demolished, we felt the need to knock on doors and speak to residents directly. Continue reading @circlehousing – Our Survey Says: 98% of Residents Against Demolition! #ravensbury #mitcham #morden

Circle Housing to attend on Thursday

We have received notification that both Pauline Ford and Tim Sargeant (Managing Director and Head of Regen for Circle respectively) will attend our meeting in Thursday evening.

Paul Holmes (Con) has also agreed to attend. However at the current time, Siobhain McDonagh MP, Philip Jones and Stephen Alambritis cannot attend.

Please prepare your questions for those that will attend so that we can run through them in a timely manner.

[EDIT: It turned out that Pauline Ford had mistakenly hit the agree button on her PA, and therefore she didn’t actually attend.]

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200 Consultation documents now posted through residents doors #ravensbury #mitcham

Today we have posted 200 Merton Council questionnaires through all residents doors in our area that we define as the Ravensbury Village. That includes Hengelo Gardens, Ravensbury Court, Hatfeild Close, Rutter Gardens, Ravensbury Grove and Morden Road.

According to this consultation document, all of the Ravensbury Village could be demolished so it is extremely important that all residents complete it and, we hope, reject the proposals in their entirety.

These questionnaires need to be completed and returned to Merton Council by October 28th, 2014. Continue reading 200 Consultation documents now posted through residents doors #ravensbury #mitcham

Next Meeting: Thursday, 2nd October 2014 #ravensbury #regeneration

Our next Ravensbury Residents Meeting will be held on Thursday 2nd October 2014. Doors open at 630pm, Meeting starts at 7pm.

We have invited several people of interest:  Paul Quinn of Circle Housing, Siobhain McDonagh MP, Paul Holmes (Con), Stephen Alambritis (Lab) and Philip Jones (Lab). However, as ever, we do not know if everyone will actually turn up so please also consider this meeting as a good time to discuss the new Merton Council Consultation document which needs to be returned at the end of October 2014!

Continue reading Next Meeting: Thursday, 2nd October 2014 #ravensbury #regeneration