Ravensbury regeneration by Circle

It’s difficult to put into words the sense of palpable unease felt by residents of the Ravensbury area after such a vacuous period of consultation under Circle Housing. Half truths were unearthed recently when the director of regeneration admitted to layouts already being drafted up by Circle and their architects.

Many residents have said they are against the razing to the ground of their current homes, but the regeneration team at Circle Housing have been deaf to their protests, saying that many residents are in favour of their scheme. They don’t seem to have evidence of their claims though, whereas we have a petition signed by many of those against the scheme.

The regeneration team at Circle keep telling us that it makes more financial sense to demolish the existing properties and sell half the units or more to private owners. They don’t seem to appreciate the cost to the community of demolishing half of the Ravensbury Village, expecting working class tenants to surrender private space in return for public spaces, and also expect them to be happy with what is proposed to be a 3 month resident input on the masterplan deciding their future.

Not only are Circle driving an agenda that holds little water from the residents point of view, they also seem to be surprisingly happy about it.

Ravensbury Grove Blog


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