NEWS: Merton Council’s Regeneration Consultation runs from 15th Sept to 28th October 2014 !

Merton Council has started their own regeneration consultation which ENDS on 28th October 2014: That gives everyone about 6 weeks to send in their own opinions to Merton Council !

Councillor Stephen Alambritis asked us to publicise his Ten Commitments and the new Merton Council consultation.

Unfortunately, it has little to say on the recent past – about how so many residents have been against the demolition of their community and the terribly poor method of consultation by Circle Housing, but we do ask all residents to fill in the Council’s questionnaire so that their opinions are properly represented.

The questionnaire makes mention of whether the WHOLE of Ravensbury should be demolished, which is quite a damning condemnation of everything Ravensbury Residents have called for throughout the Circle Housing consulation. The general upbeat nature of how “the regeneration is an opportunity not to be missed” also makes show of how Merton Council sees the proposals, as opposed to how the Ravensbury Residents view the prospective demolition of their homes.

Click here to download the questionnaire: ravensbury_questionnaire_sept14

Stephen Alambritis’s Ten Commitments:

Ten commitments

The council is totally committed to you. We have
convinced Circle Housing Merton Priory to jointly sign
up to a list of 10 commitments to ensure you get the
best out of the proposals. The commitments address
many issues faced by homeowners and Circle
Housing Merton Priory tenants. Here they are:

1. Circle Housing Merton Priory will consult with
residents, consider their interests at all times, and
address concerns fairly.
2. Current homeowners will be entitled to at least the
market value of their home should they wish to take
the option to sell their home to Circle Housing Merton
3. Current tenants will be entitled to be rehoused in a
new home of appropriate size considering the number
of people in the household.
4. Existing Circle Housing Merton Priory tenants
will keep all their rights and have the same tenancy
agreement, including rent levels, in the new
neighbourhood as they do now.
5. All new properties will be more energy efficient
and easier to heat than existing properties, helping to
keep down residents’ fuel bills.
6. Circle Housing Merton Priory will keep disruption to
a minimum, and will do all it can to ensure residents
only move once if it is necessary to house them
temporarily while their new home is being built.
7. Circle Housing Merton Priory will offer extra help
and support for older people and/or disabled residents
throughout the regeneration works.
8. Circle Housing Merton Priory will continue to
maintain the homes of residents across the three
neighbourhoods throughout the planning process until
regeneration starts, including ensuring a high quality
responsive repairs service.
9. Any growth in the number of homes will be in
accordance with the council’s Development Plan so
that it is considered, responsible and suitable for the
10. As a not-for-profit organisation, Circle Housing
Merton Priory will not profit from any regeneration
and will use any surplus to provide more housing or
improve existing neighbourhoods


Here’s the council’s press release…

Council calls for views on proposals for three estates

Merton Council is calling on businesses and residents for their views on the potential regeneration of three housing estates in the borough owned by Circle Housing Merton Priory.

The council’s consultation is aimed at residents living on Ravensbury (Morden), High Path (Wimbledon) and Eastfields (Mitcham) estates as well as businesses, residents and other interested organisations close to the estates. It will run from 15 September until 28 October 2014 and can be completed at (live from Monday 15 September) or e-mailed to Paper copies are available at Mitcham, Morden, Wimbledon and Colliers Wood local libraries. To receive a paper copy through the post, those wishing to respond to the consultation should e-mail or call 020 8545 3693, stating their postal address.

Circle Housing Merton Priory conducted an initial consultation last year and has run a series of workshops with residents on the estates. But the council’s consultation will be the first one that will include, not only the views of residents who live on the estates, but also those of the businesses, community groups, schools and residents local to the estates.

The council’s statutory consultation, which is separate from the Merton Priory Circle Housing consultations, asks questions on the type and size of homes, outside space, local facilities, transport and economic opportunities.  The council will report back on the responses in the winter. All responses will be considered and will help guide decisions the council and Circle Housing Merton Priory will make on the next steps in the coming months.

Leader of Merton Council Councillor Stephen Alambritis said: “We know that many of the residents have already answered questions and have taken part in Circle Housing Merton Priory’s consultation, but it is very important that they also complete our questionnaire too. This is a historic opportunity to improve these estates and we want to ensure residents living there get the best deal out of Circle’s proposals and we are adamant that the proposals should have residents’ backing. Our consultation is an opportunity for residents to tell us directly their concerns and views about how they would like the area where they live to look.  Circle will also be consulting further with residents later in the year, and they will be getting into the detail about what should be on the estates, but I want to reassure residents that before any decision is made on the proposals, we want to hear directly from them their thoughts on the potential regeneration as part of our own official consultation.”


2 thoughts on “NEWS: Merton Council’s Regeneration Consultation runs from 15th Sept to 28th October 2014 !”

  1. Once again. Circle are not taking the residents views ijto account. Circle are going ahead anyway. They have lied to us all the way through and are lying to us now. The rents are still an issue as we dont believe a word they say when they say the rents will stay the same. They said they wouldnt do nothing for 5 years. Its only been 4 years and already they put the rents up by double each week for the last 2 years running when they said they would only go up by the same amount as it was when it was council. Not one circle housing member has been to any of our residents faces. They havent worked with us at all. How about they show their faces at tomorrow nights meeting. I think an open invite is due. It is time they got how we feel and how we arent backing down to their lies, secrets, bullying tactics and their self greed and lack of respect for the residents

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