Next Meeting: Thursday, 2nd October 2014 #ravensbury #regeneration

Our next Ravensbury Residents Meeting will be held on Thursday 2nd October 2014. Doors open at 630pm, Meeting starts at 7pm.

We have invited several people of interest:  Paul Quinn of Circle Housing, Siobhain McDonagh MP, Paul Holmes (Con), Stephen Alambritis (Lab) and Philip Jones (Lab). However, as ever, we do not know if everyone will actually turn up so please also consider this meeting as a good time to discuss the new Merton Council Consultation document which needs to be returned at the end of October 2014!

The new Merton Council Consultation (read: Consolation) document has just been released in an abject hurry by their future Merton department, with the obvious desire to placate the hoards of people that have complained about the Circle Housing consultation that has been running for the better part of two years (which in itself seems hell-bent on aggravating an already tense situation).

But the document needs to be returned at the end of October 2014! That’s six weeks since it’s initial announcement! It contains a number of errors and is written in a way that actually affirms Merton’s position that this regeneration project is something that shouldn’t be missed out on. The spin is obvious to anyone that reads it.

Merton has refused to post the consultation to every resident and instead expected everyone to download it and print it themselves. Ravensbury Residents Association and others have managed to get them to deliver printed copies, which will be hand-delivered by the associations themselves and not by Merton.

The holes in Merton’s attempts at consultation make a sieve appear positively watertight.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the next meeting. If you can’t attend, please let us know too.

NOTE: Normally we hold our meetings every Wednesday fortnight, but in this instance we found out that we had a clash with a meeting held by Councillor Philip Jones. It is also very difficult to know whether we have actually confirmed our booking due to very little correspondence being returned by those responsible at Circle Housing.


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