Tonights meeting

At tonights meeting we had roughly 30 people in attendance. People of note who attended: Paul Holmes Conservative candidate for Mitcham and Morden, as well as Tim Sargeant, Head of Regen for Circle Housing. All the Labour representatives were unable to attend.

Unfortunately, Tim Sergeant had very few answers for the residents and seemed to toe Circle Housings house style of bluffing their way through the meeting with the residents. This kind of reception has become the norm for residents engaged in the consultation with Circle Housing, and is causing deep concern.

It’s worth noting that he said Circle will open their consultation on the 1st November 2014, “engage” with residents until January 2015 and then produce a masterplan. They are not going to update the plan during this process, so you won’t see a new plan every few weeks! This will be done behind closed doors to produce the final plan. The final board meeting that decides the future of Ravensbury, Eastfields and Highpath will also be behind closed doors. Hardly a transparent process, more one that’s in tune with the dictatorships of this world.

We are of the opinion that Circle are doing their best to steer a consultation based on misinformation, putting a price on the head and homes of those who live in Merton, in order to bulldoze a community into oblivion. Circumspect regard to a consultation seems key in achieving their aims.

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