@htadesignllp @circlehousing it’s been an interesting consultation experience with both of you… #mitcham #regeneration

For the past year and more, residents of Ravensbury Village have been forced to listen to the demolition agenda set by Circle Housing and their architect HTA Design.

However, the consultation hasn’t been one involving a ballot and a design process that demonstrates resident involvement and empowerment. Instead, the only people that have actually got to see the proposals have been Circle Housing staff themselves. They have been the ones meeting with the architects every 3 weeks by their own admission. When we asked HTA Design to meet in this way, we were refused: they told us they would not do this because Circle forbade it.

In a recent survey, 98% of residents were against demolition of their homes. Out of sheer disbelief, some residents have attended the consultations held by Circle and HTA, only to be refused full transparency of the designs unfolding behind the closed doors of the Circle Housing offices.

The regeneration consultation is an absolute travesty against the residents of Ravensbury, and it shows the true nature of those employed by Circle.

Ravensbury Grove Blog


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