Thanks to residents attending tonight’s meeting #ravensbury #regeneration

Thanks to everybody for attending our residents association meeting tonight (Wednesday 15th October 2014). We had a very good turnout, especially considering the stormy weather.

We all heard interesting viewpoints from everyone and plenty of people had a thing or two to say about Circle Housing and their consultation into regeneration through demolition.

Once again, many residents repeated the fact that the initial consultation in 2013 had hoodwinked the residents of Ravensbury into believing that regeneration meant new lamposts, plus new kitchens & bathrooms and that Circle’s methods seemed designed to mislead them from the very outset.

Everything that Circle Housing has done since has been built off of these unsavoury foundations. To many, the very conduct of the team from Circle Housing seemed extraordinarily questionable at the time. The fact that certain members of that team have now left the process simply compounds those thoughts. Residents felt that the methods that Circle have employed this year too, have been very questionable, lacking in transparency and designed to avoid too much input from the residents themselves.

We focussed on resident involvement and empowerment this evening because the powers that be have seemed intent on marginalising the residents from the beginning. Residents said that they felt Circle Housing were actually unable to run a housing association after their experience with the repairs service, and wondered how Circle Housing believed they could run a massive regeneration project such as the one they propose.

More information has been requested from Newman Francis (ITRA) regarding Circle’s methods during the consultation to date. The ITRA team will be running focus groups for the residents on Tuesday evenings, and we have asked if they will be doing this each and every week.

Please remember that the official unmasking of the first draft of the masterplan will be on 1st November 2014. This is in the Surrey Arms on Morden Road.

The other areas will have their own plans delivered on Saturday, 18th October (Eastfields) and Saturday, 25th October 2014 (Highpath).

Please feel free to come along to any one of our meetings or email us: 


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