@siobhainmp Residents are in fear of speaking out! #regeneration #mitcham #mertonregeneration

After visiting many residents in Ravensbury and also engaging with the residents on the other two proposed regeneration sites namely Eastfields (Mitcham) and Highpath (South Wimbledon), several things have become obvious …

  1. After the terrible method of consultation across two years, described as Shock & Awe by many, residents across Merton are in fear of speaking out. They are worried that any form of complaint will prejudice their future under such an aggressive housing association such as Circle.
  2. Circle Housing has put money and land above all else with little if not zero regard for the existing community. From the start of the consultation, Circle Housing have pursued consultation methods that are clearly designed without proper respect for the existing tenants. They seem to have been happy to aggravate a very sensitive consultation because they thought that bullying the community into submission was the only way forward.
  3. Many residents are suffering from high levels of stress and anxiety since Circle Housing started to bully them into submission. Many feel such distress that they feel unable to respond at all.
  4. Circle is keen to propose regeneration without informing residents of their personal positions regarding a new home. Circle Housing expects tenants to surrender their existing homes without knowing what they will get in return! Circle Housing seems keen to prevent the proper facts being heard by the residents and instead try to mislead them with fancy images of new homes that ARE NOT AVAILABLE to many of those concerned.
  5. The companies chosen for the Independent Tenants & Residents Advisors (ITRA) have a vested interest in the actual regeneration work going ahead because this will give them a longer contract period. In many respects logic therefore assumes they would therefore be in favour of the regeneration going ahead for financial reasons. These companies know that Circle Housing is a very large housing association that can provide a suitable reference and probably a lot more work in future years, if they manage to get the regeneration through.
  6. Residents across the borough have such little faith in Circle Housing in their day to day activities, that they worry that Circle is incapable of managing the regeneration properly,

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