"draft" masterplan meeting - 18th October 2014

Eastfields have seen the masterplan (first draft)

Eastfields get to see “their” Masterplan

(as designed by Circle Housing and their architects)

Density increased by a third with 5 & 7 storey blocks included

On Saturday, 18th October 2014, residents of Eastfields got to see the results of the negotiations between Circle Housing and their architects (A joint venture including: Cullinan Studio,  Levitt Bernstein and Proctor Matthews). However, as yet no one who lives there has any idea of which homes they would qualify for, if any.

Eastfields galleries and pictures below…

Many residents agreed that the scheme looks like one that ignores the very fact that people already live in the area; it ignores the existing community, and ignores the support network that ensures a cohesive structure for the existing tenants, some of whom have lived there for a great number of years.

Circle Housing have been meeting up with their architects for the Eastfields master plan, every two weeks by their own admission. However, yet again Circle Housing have prevented empowerment of the existing residents by refusing their in-depth involvement, and choosing to undertake a kind of paternalist attitude whereby they want to always have an upper hand and keep residents in the dark as the plans were progressing.

No Vote for Residents

On the 13th October 2014, Paul Quinn (Director for Regeneration for Circle) stated in a letter addressed to Siobhain McDonagh MP, that NO VOTE will be available for the tenants and residents of Merton. He stated that instead, a survey would be conducted to measure opinion. This sounds suspiciously like the initial measure of opinion gleaned by Circle Housing in 2013, whereby no one was in favour of demolition unyet Circle told Merton Council that there was sufficient support for it!

Only a few weeks ago, Paul Quinn sat in the Ravensbury Residents Meeting and told us that there most definitely would be a vote by the residents and that if less than 50% were in favour, then it would not go ahead.

Here are the images from the meeting on Saturday:

Here are some aerial images in order to compare with the existing layout:


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