Hands off Our Community!

11 days to go: Unveiling of the masterplan

11 days to go: Unveiling of the Ravensbury masterplan

There are only 11 days to go till Circle Housing’s regeneration team lift the veil of secrecy off of their plans for Ravensbury.

Despite having consultations over the better part of two years, where 98% of residents have repeatedly said that they were against regeneration through the demolition of the Ravensbury Village, Circle has been having repeated discussions  with their architects without making any kind of reference to the thoughts of the residents.

Circle’s interaction with residents has amounted to tacit admission that they really do not value regular input from the residents, especially when you consider that they have been meeting the architects themselves every three weeks.

This is a bit like your neighbour suggesting a decorator to paint your home and then seeing self-same neighbour meeting with your newly appointed decorator behind closed doors to decide on what YOU would like for your home.

Circle Housing just do not cut the mustard when it comes to resident empowerment and wanting to engage with them at every stage of the consultation. Just how they have behaved over the past year has beggared belief for all residents concerned.


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