9 days to go: Unveiling of the masterplan

9 days to go: Unveiling of the Ravensbury masterplan

There are only 9 days to go till Circle Housing’s regeneration team wax lyrical about how wonderful it would be to obliterate our existing community.

Just how far Circle Housing went out of their way to bully the residents of Ravensbury into submission during the consultation process is a matter for the history books.

The residents of Ravensbury are 98% against the massive travesty that has been Circle Housing’s big business tactics against the community at large.


One thought on “9 days to go: Unveiling of the masterplan”

  1. The day we get to see if the so called regen team and circle housing have listened to residents views and opinions and as to whether they have taken our values of our homes and gardens into account. I cannot speak for other residents but im sure they will agree that it doesnt matter how many master plans they throw at us, if it isnt right I for one am not budging from my home

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