Merton have published some residents consultation forms #regeneration #mitcham #ravensbury

We have received an email from the Estates Team at Merton Council regarding their latest consultation regarding regeneration.

As predicted, many residents are against changing the estate layout and also against changing it at all.  Please keep those consultation forms going into Merton Council because they are an important indication of the residents points of view.

Click here to view Ravensbury Consultation Responses



One thought on “Merton have published some residents consultation forms #regeneration #mitcham #ravensbury”

  1. this just goes to prove that nearly all the residents do not want demolition. this is the proof that circle housing and their regen team lied saying that the majority of residents were in favour of demolition. take your regen team and go and build somewhere else as we don’t want our homes destroyed. you circle housing and the regen team have lied , treated us like idiots, tricked us into thinking we were getting new kitchens, bathrooms, doors etc, held your secret meetings without informing residents of the outcome, never took residents views,opinions or feelings into account and basically carried on doing what the hell you liked. these publications of some of the forms shows it all so leave us alone

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