circle regeneration booklet

Have we got a sneak preview of the regen already?! #mitcham #ravensbury

Have we got a sneak preview of the regen already? #mitcham #ravensbury

circle regeneration booklet
circle regeneration booklet

Asides from the printers who have been making the literature for Saturday’s regeneration proposals, the model makers, the architects, the engineers and countless others, Ravensbury Residents have been kept in the dark over Circle Housing’s proposals for the future of our area.

But have they shown us their hand already, by using the proposals on the front of their existing pamphlets?

This image on the front of the Ravensbury regeneration booklet suspiciously shows the loss of the sheds and garages at the end of Hengelo Gardens (right hand side of pic), new buildings in the garages area behind Hengelo (bottom left) and new buildings on Ravensbury Grove (top right).

Is this how Circle would like our area to look?

After seeing the blitzkreig designs already visited on Eastfields and Highpath, we will wait with baited breath.

Community will come first in Ravensbury Village, not the pound or dollar signs that Circle Housing has been putting first as foremost thus far.


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