Save the Community of Ravensbury Village

4 days to go: Unveiling of the masterplan

4 days to go: Unveiling of the Ravensbury masterplan

There are only 4 days to go till the unveiling of the Ravensbury draft masterplan.

Just how disenfranchised has Circle Housing made its residents and tenants feel during this entire consultation process?

Do we now live in a Britain that forgoes the niceties of home ownership in favour of the steam roller approach favoured by housing associations such as Circle, simply because they feel ultimately invulnerable due to their funds?

Do we live in a borough ruled by Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes, where tenants and residents seem to have no rights in the face of a company that employs big business tactics to ensure it forces its agenda on them? Just how did Circle Housing get away with bullying vulnerable elderly residents out of their Orlit Homes so that the regeneration process could be facilitated at a very early stage?

Just what kind of monster has Circle Housing Merton Priory Homes become?!


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