Save Merton’s Parks

Save Merton’s Parks

Last Thursday saw a meeting about how the Council have transferred responsibility of their parks to the South London Waste Partnership.
Seeing as our Ravensbury Village resides practically within Ravensbury Park, we thought it best to keep everyone informed by reproducing the email (below) about the campaign to Save Merton’s Parks:

Email from Councillor David Dean:

A few weeks ago, I wrote up a Scrutiny Call In document at Merton Council on behalf of residents, parks’ Friends groups, staff and unions. The document starts a process to call upon the Sustainable Communities scrutiny panel to look at the decision to use the South London Waste Partnership to contract out Merton’s Parks to a third party.

The Call In procedure allowed us to speak and make our views clear and also for the panel to question the Cabinet Member responsible for the decision, Cllr Andrew Judge. A Call In  to a Scrutiny panel is an official meeting verified by the Council’s lawyers. 

Sustainable Merton, Merton’s Tree Wardens/Friends Groups, MP, Stephen Hammond, the unions and I all spoke at the meeting, with over 100 residents attending. However, Cllr Andrew Judge decided to walk out of the meeting (to a cacophony of boos!) after 30 minutes rather than stay for the whole meeting, which lasted 2 hours.

Sadly, the panel voted against our opinion, that the South London Waste Partnership should not be managing parks maintenance in Merton.  

David Williams, John Sargeant and Daniel Holden voted with us but Coucillors Stan Anderson, Tobin Byers, Abigal Jones and Imran Uddin voted against our proposal.

This week, a committee of unions, residents and friends are having a meeting to develop an in-house bid for the parks maintenance, which we hope will be some sort of social enterprise. It won’t be easy to create the bid and ultimately, the Council may ignore the bid anyway. But, everyone I have spoken to says we must try so try we will.

If you wish to be on the committee then please let me know. The first meeting takes place on Tuesday 10th Dec at 7.15 pm at the Civic Centre, Morden.

And please let me know if you have any questions or opinions.

Thank you for signing the petition Save Merton’s Parks, can you help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friendso


David Dean, Resident and Councillor in Merton.


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