Van break-in: Saturday 21/2/2015

Van break-in on Saturday 21/2/2015

On Saturday evening/Sunday morning a van was broken into on Hengelo Gardens. Did you see anything?

Here is the account from the owner:

Hi just a quick account of my van being broken into and tools being stolen.

Saturday afternoon (21/2/2015) around 3pm, I parked my van on the grass verge bays down Hengelo Gardens. When I went to the van the next day, the window had been punched through and my drills had been taken. 3 drills worth around £800. I thought it was safe as I have been parking in the same places for a year or so. I called the police and they came within a hour and gave me a crime number. I don’t imagine I will get my tools back but hopefully this will remind people to be more careful because there are some ruthless people around.

Van break-in Hengelo Gardens
Van break-in Hengelo Gardens 2015

Ravensbury Meeting Hall OPEN!

Ravensbury Meeting Hall OPEN!

ravensbury meeting hall is open!
ravensbury meeting hall is open!

We would like to declare the meeting hall now open!

We were informed of this on Weds afternoon at the last minute by a CHMP officer and managed to reschedule our Surrey Arms meeting to the meeting hall at the last minute.

It has taken a great deal of persistence on behalf of all residents to finally achieve this remarkable feat after practically 4 months of “repairs” by CHMP, but we are happy to announce that it is now open.

Ravensbury Residents Association

Tonight’s meeting @ 7pm Surrey Arms

Tonight’s Residents Association Meeting is at 7pm in the Surrey Arms

We still haven’t got the meeting hall back from CHMP’s repairs team, so we’ll be meeting in the Surrey Arms at 7pm TONIGHT.

News to discuss this week includes the results of the Merton Council Consultation: 71% Against Regeneration versus 29% for.

Rest assured, we have lodged a formal complaint with Circle Housing about the continued delay preventing proper usage by the community.

See you all tonight (Wednesday, 18th Feb 2015) at 7pm.

Ravensbury Residents Association