CHMP PPP workshop - parking planting phasing - 2015-03-12

Last night’s Circle Housing workshop

Last night’s Circle Housing workshop

Last night (12th March 2015) between 5pm and 8pm we had a PPP (Phasing Planting & Parking) workshop held by Circle Housing and their HTA Architects. Essentially, tonight was designed to open the conversation regarding these items and allow CHMP to collect residents opinions in greater detail at a later date. There will be another workshop in two weeks time.

In attendance last night were CHMP’s regeneration team, headed up by Mr Paul Quinn and the architects HTA partnership, headed up by partner Caroline Dove. (Continues below)

(More images at the bottom of the page)

We asked Mr Paul Quinn what he thought of the recent Merton Council consultation result whereby Ravensbury Residents had voted overwhelmingly against the proposals: 71% versus 29% according to the statistics developed by the London Borough of Merton. He seemed nonplussed by the results, and even seemed to infer that the residents association was exhibiting bias by helping to distribute the leaflets printed by Merton Council. The actual figures seemed not to matter to him, as if it were water off the duck’s back. So much for valuable resident input!

We asked HTA’s lead architect, Caroline Dove, if the design had been changed at all since the draft masterplan stage in November 2014. Her answer was a categoric, “No.” So we inspected the plans on the table and found that the plan had indeed been changed – in many places at that. So apparently HTA’s lead architect on our community project is so disinterested in Ravensbury that she isn’t aware that her team are developing the design. This is simply another case of how little CHMP and their team inspire confidence once the apparently professional veneer is scratched. Very few members of the HTA consultation inspire confidence of a professional level and some members seem more than happy to provide a poor level of service to our community, most likely due to the high-handed manner in which CHMP have behaved in the consultation  themselves.



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