71% against the redevelopment! Residents ask Circle Housing what they think …

71% against the redevelopment?

Several residents have questioned members of Circle Housing regarding the result that 71% of Ravensbury residents are against the proposed redevelopment.

Circle Housing staff have said that it doesn’t really make much of a difference to their push for redevelopment, that they will continue to run on with the consultation and submit a planning application as soon as possible subject to certain discussions with Future Merton & Merton Council who instructed the consultation in the first place. Is CHMP basically saying that Merton Council have wasted the residents time?

It certainly looks like CHMP seem to think that the opinions of residents hold very little sway or credibility.

Effectively, CHMP seem to be saying that the Merton Council consultation with residents does not count at all. They seem to be saying that the Merton Council’s consultation with residents and tenants does not count. This seems to be extraordinarily high-handed and seems to see CHMP slipping back in their bully-boy ways of previous years.

Some residents think that Merton Council are running scared from the Circle Housing behemoth, because they have not sufficiently or openly criticised CHMP about their repairs service or their bullying behaviour during the consultation, whereas other councils around the country have taken action against them regarding their repairs performance.


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