Ravensbury Diary: @SiobhainMP meeting tonight cancelled!

REMINDER: Meeting Cancelled!

Unfortunately, Siobhain McDonagh’s office have just told us that she is no longer available for our meeting on Thursday evening (tonight)!

So, in order to replace this meeting, we have asked if some of the other political parties would like to join us at our next residents meeting on Wednesday, 1st April, 2015. We are now awaiting their reply.

Residents have repeatedly mentioned that amongst other things, the density and height of the proposed development by Circle Housing is of great concern, so we would like to discuss this and other matters with the General Election candidates for Mitcham & Morden in order to get their views.

A lot of the consultation by Circle Housing does appear to have gone without much criticism by the incumbents of Merton, so it seems an ideal time to ask others their views.

Ravensbury Diary: meeting with Siobhain McDonagh at 8pm tonight

Residents of Ravensbury: meeting with Siobhain McDonagh for residents to air their views about the whole consultation and CHMP’s future for Ravensbury. (Thursday, 26th March 2015)

All residents are welcome!


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