We have received a letter of support from Paul Holmes (Conservative candidate) regarding our fight against Merton regen redevelopment

Here’s a letter from Paul Holmes, Conservative candidate for Mitcham & Morden, indicating his support for Ravensbury residents in their fight against Circle Housing and the terrible consultation that they have endured for two years:

28 April 2015,
Dear [Ravensbury] residents,

As you will know I have been to see you and your meetings at various stages since September 2014 when you kindly invited me to talk about the plans for the demolition and regeneration of your estate.

At the first meeting I attended, I made it clear in front of Siobhain McDonagh and Cllr Stephen Alambritis that I was shocked at the way in which Merton Circle Housing and your Labour representatives were treating residents. Unfortunately, I am still shocked about developments.

I told you at the meeting that I would not support the demolition if that was the view of residents. It is very clear to me that this remains the case and that in the council’s own consultation shows that 71% oppose the works being done. This figure is clearly made up of leaseholders and tenants.

I have worked with you in the last eight months to get answers about various parts of the process and have attended meetings to help you along the way. I was the one who advised residents that the council’s consultation would not stop the development. I have repeatedly called for the publication of survey responses and I remain very angry that Merton Circle Housing have again delayed the process, which adds to the stress and uncertainty for you and the community.

I want to emphasise that I remain of the view that this process should stop immediately and that Merton Circle Housing now halt all plans for the demolition of the estate. I remain deeply unsatisfied at the way you have been treated and the way in which Merton Circle Housing have behaved.

My deepest concern is the way in which your elected representatives have ignored your views. Your MP and your Councillors are willing this project ahead despite knowing that you and your neighbours are against such plans.

I will oppose this development and have already relayed this to MCH. I hope that residents will be able to send a message to your current representatives and support me in helping to end this regeneration.

Paul Holmes
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Mitcham and Morden.

Letter Ends


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