Shafted: Inconvenient Truths for Lambeth Council Homeowners

Very interesting report on Accumulation by Dispossession using Myatts Field North as a case study.

Save Cressingham Gardens

Cressingham Gardens homeowners, and any others undergoing a Lambeth council regeneration, would be well-advised to study a report which exposes the shocking property undervaluations and broken promises suffered by homeowners on Myatts Field North, who have faced the demolition of their homes.

Lambeth council continues to applaud the scheme, now rebranded ‘Oval Quarter’, but the research uncovers a different story which might help inform Cressingham residents as they weigh up the council’s offer to them.

For example, the March 2015 draft Cressingham offer (1) makes the claim that the primary motivation behind the regeneration is to “deliver more affordable housing”. (Note previous blog: affordable homes did not feature at all when the regeneration was launched in 2012. Back then, it was all about raising cash for the repairs they hadn’t done.)

Cressingham ho1 1. Draft Cressingham Gardens homeowner offer March 2015

In deciding to redevelop Cressingham under the new “affordable homes” banner, the council has not made any effort to ask…

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