Images from our visit to Mitcham Sita Suez site on Benedict Wharf, Mitcham

Mitcham Sita Site on Benedict Wharf

Here’s the images of the Sita Mitcham refuse facility during a site visit organised by Sita Suez.

As many people in the area know, there are quite a few problems related to dust and odour which are worsened during hot weather. Sita are trying to improve the situation by the installation of misting systems that could reduce odours and dust. These were installed in May 2015 according to Sita.

Looking at the size of the area and the volume of rubbish concerned, we think that the only real option is either the relocation of the site or the removal of the most pungent rubbish. The latter solution has been promised by Sita Suez Mitcham to be actioned within two months or so. Fingers crossed that this does happen before August 2015.

Ideally, the local boroughs (Sutton, Merton, Croydon and Surrey County Council) would put their heads together in order to find another site because of the potential importance of this site to future homes use and the benefits to the wider community.

Thanks to the Mitcham Sita team for today’s access and the general openness to discussion at our meetings also.

Ravensbury Residents Association, June 2015.


One thought on “Images from our visit to Mitcham Sita Suez site on Benedict Wharf, Mitcham”

  1. From memory this was the former A&J Bull Waste Transfer Facility, given its location, near a school, and tramstop, consideration to relocating to off Beddington Lane where some other operators have ceased over recent years would appear to make better sense,

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