Meeting with Syed Kamall MEP for London this Saturday, 18th July 2015 @130pm at Ravensbury Meeting Hall

Meeting with Syed Kamall MEP for London – doors open at 1pm Saturday 18th July 2015

Remember that this Saturday, the 18th July 2015 at 1.30pm, we have our meeting with Syed Kamall MEP for London, who is a Conservative candidate for London Mayor at the end of Boris Johnson’s term. David Dean, Conservative Councillor for Dundonald Ward in Merton will be the chair.

This meeting is to discuss the way in which residents have been treated during the consultation, & what this means for Ravensbury & Merton if it is allowed to continue. We can discuss what actions should be taken because of it and how Syed might help us. Residents will be able to air their opinions on the Circle Housing Regeneration.

The meeting will be held in Ravensbury Meeting Hall, Mitcham CR4 4DU.
Doors open at 1pm on Saturday, the 18th July 2015.
Meeting runs from 1.30pm to 2.30pm.

See you there.

RRA – Taking the Lead on the Future of Ravensbury


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