Ravensbury AGM

Report: Ravensbury AGM 2015

Wednesday (30th September 2015) night’s Ravensbury Residents Association meeting was to cover our AGM which is necessary each year. We had our neighbourhood officer, Stephen Humphreys of Circle Housing Merton Priory, in attendance in order to witness proper conduct of the votes also.

Apologies were received from a number of residents who couldn’t attend in person.

Top of the agenda was the voting process for the main positions in the RRA: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer & Social Secretary. We had in excess of twenty residents to vote for these positions and the voting was unanimous in every instance. [Residents will be notified of those appointed in the next newsletter]

Once the voting process was complete, residents were keen to pin our CHMP representative down on the regeneration plans plus repairs & maintenance.

With regards to regeneration, the member of CHMP staff had not been briefed by CHMP and had nothing to add to the information gleaned from Paul Quinn with regards to the Circle board meeting next week. This angered many residents as they have effectively been in limbo for years since CHMP presented its intention to destroy our area. [Only] one of the residents in attendance was in favour of the regen, [with all others] wanting refurbishment of their existing properties. None were happy with the CHMP regen and the methods employed by our HA during the process. The case for regen consultation continues to seem to be more of a PR sham than a true assessment of residents desire for demolition: Around 80-90% residents say they don’t want it when asked.

With regards to repairs and maintenance, practically every resident either seems to have a horror story or has felt thoroughly let down by the repairs team. One man stated that he had reported a steadily leaking tap several times to CHMP, only to have his repair effectively relegated by the team. This went on for several weeks until a family member came home to find that the tap had weakened to the extent that the leak had turned into a full flow, resulting in a 6″ flood throughout his home. Another resident has been complaining to CHMP about their gutter for some time, but been told to get it fixed themselves. When they tried, they discovered that the soffit board was rotten to the point that the gutter could probably fall onto a person below. This is now being chased by the resident and the neighbourhood officer and the repairs team. Another resident is very worried about Asbestos surveys undertaken by CHMP contractors. They have asked repeatedly for the results without getting proper responses at every stage. This is now in the hands of our neighbourhood officer… Again. Another resident has asked CHMP since January 2015 for her boiler and heating system to be serviced and repaired due to its poor output, but this it still “ongoing”!

We raised the LEAF monies issue once more as despite asking for repeated info on this, we have been fobbed off by CHMP staff. Our neighbourhood officer promised (once again) to send more information on how to apply for these funds.

Landscaping: it seems that there are several problems with strimmers or lawn mowers used by the landscaping company, Burleys, flinging stones into windows and residents having great difficulty getting their glazed doors and windows replaced by CHMP. In addition to this drains have been broken and not repaired. We’ll have a meeting with them ourselves, and also discuss improvements in the form of bulbs etc.

Hatfield Close and Rutter Gardens are also paying the service charge of just over £7/week, but not getting any kind of palpable service for this. CHMP have repeatedly promised to look into this, so yet again we have referred this to them via our CHMP neighbourhood officer.



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