Circle Survey: 63% of results were from the demolition area, not the whole area of Ravensbury

We have broken down the Ravensbury survey, and it does appear that this supposedly independent survey has NOT been a proportionate survey of the Ravensbury area which comprises 192 homes.

This would seem to call into question the nature of a totally unbiased survey. From the results, Circle regen team appear to have directed their surveyors to concentrate on the demolition area, ie the area that has been run down via the terrible repairs and maintenance performance. Out of the 192 homes, 114 survey results were returned.

Of the 114 homes that responded to the survey:

63% of homes (that’s 72 homes) were from the proposed demolition area. For info, there are 72 Orlit homes and 29 brick flats in total in the Ravensbury demolition area.
22% of homes were from Ravensbury Court (that’s 25 flats out of 59)
13% of homes were from Hengelo Gardens/Rav Grove  (that’s 15 homes out of 28)
2% of homes were those belonging from non-resident households (ie possibly privately let) – that’s 2 homes.

breakdown of the survey shows that of those in the demolition area:

23.6% agree strongly with the regen (17 out of homes)
22.2% agree with the regen (16 homes)
16.7% neither agree or disagree (12 homes)
9.7% disagree with the regen (7 homes)
25% disagree strongly with regen (18 homes)
2.8% don’t know (2 homes)

This suggests that whilst 45.8% agree, a great number of people do not agree or do not fully support the plans: 54.2%. Those that do agree do appear not fully supportive of the plans designed by Circle: 23.6% versus 22.2%.

Conclusion: the survey is not representative of the Ravensbury Area, and those within the demolition area do not seem to be fully supportive of the scheme at all.

Circle's Survey concentrated on the Orlit homes and was not representative of Ravensbury as a whole
Circle’s Survey concentrated on the Orlit homes and was not representative of Ravensbury as a whole

Ravensbury Residents Association


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