Answered?: Needs plus One offer not agreed? Question put to Merton Council from Ravensbury…

At the last full council meeting, Ravensbury residents asked Merton Council several questions regarding the proposals by Cirlce Housing.

Here’s the first (question 10 in the actual meeting) asking Merton if they have agreed with Needs Plus One as per the Residents Offer submitted by Circle Housing. It does appear that Merton Council is saying that Needs Plus One is not agreed at all, but that there could possibly be provision for under occupiers.

Exact text below:

10). From Tracy Wilson
To the Cabinet Member for Community and Culture

With regards to the Ravensbury redevelopment & Merton regen, has Merton Council agreed in principle with the “needs plus one” provision in the resident’s offer for rehousing from CHMP, & if so, will they honour this in the future?

The Council works closely with CHMP to deliver housing solutions to tenants in housing need. The Council will continue to set the rules about matching family size to the right number of bedrooms in a tenants new home. Those rules will be will be exactly the same as they are now, and they are unaffected by the regeneration plans and are set out in the Councils published housing allocations policy. The Council and CHMP are required to make best use of available housing resources and will take into account the option for families and individuals who are currently under occupying their property to have an extra bedroom above their needs in their new home.


2 thoughts on “Answered?: Needs plus One offer not agreed? Question put to Merton Council from Ravensbury…”

  1. We have it in black and white from chmp who is our landlord that we will get a needs plus one. I will take legal advice as we will not be moving out of our house if this now going to be not allowed. We pay full rent and council tax and have a son who is special needs and cannot cope with change nor can he under any circumstances share a bedroom with my grandsons as they stay with us regularly and the box room is used for them. We have a 3/4 bed roomed house and a needs plus one would mean we are still giving up a bedroom we know our rights

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