Answered: Question to Merton Council about Ravensbury Garages

Ravensbury residents asked Merton Council at their full council meeting (18th November 2015) whether the Ravensbury Garages would be disposed of before the regeneration consultation had gone the distance, ie passed through all the stages.

Merton Council seems to be saying that Circle Housing may well put in for planning permission whenever they want, but Merton Council will not dispose of the garages site before the Development Plan Document has been approved, as well as this going through a public enquiry by an independent planning inspector.

Full text below:

11). From Doll Lambourne
To the Cabinet Member for Environmental Sustainability and Regeneration

Will Merton Council gift or sell the Ravensbury garages site to CHMP or others for redevelopment BEFORE the Merton regen plans have undergone all three stages of the Local Plan consultation by future Merton and any review, possibly by the Secretary of State?

Although CHMP are looking at planning applications for the Ravensbury Garages site, the site will not be considered for disposal until such time as the Council has agreed and concluded consultation on a Development Plan Document (Estates Plan) and this has been approved by the council and been through a public enquiry by an independent planning inspector.

(At the last full council meeting, Ravensbury residents asked Merton Council several questions regarding the proposals by Cirlce Housing.)


One thought on “Answered: Question to Merton Council about Ravensbury Garages”

  1. I have the booklet that states in black and white that we are entitled to a needs plus one. We have lived in our house for nearly 17 years now and we were not ever going to move and are not prepared to move unless a needs plus one is agreed. We have a 3/4 bedroom house and we have always paid full rent and council tax even though chmp put the rents up,at more than double of what the council were putting them up for. They have lied from the start, the repairs has gone to shot, we have had the same metal back door since we moved in which is the original door from when the houses were built. We were told in the summer that we were entitled to a new back door as it would meet the decent homes standard. Measurements were taken and the I got a phone call saying that the managing contractor has now said we aren’t getting a new back door this year. My house is always cold in the kitchen in the window and condensation forms everyday which grants a health risk to me and my family. I will be seeking further advice on this plus the needs plus one in the offer from chmp. We are not willing to give up 2 bedrooms. We are well within our rights to stay in our house for the reasons being we have never caused trouble, never been in arrears, always kept our house clean and decorated, have been put through a lot of stress in our repairs not being done which involved numerous amounts of phone calls to chmp. We are waiting for new guttering and facials to be installed as our present ones are all rotting and rainwater is just pouring through the joints of the guttering because the facials are rotten and is all collapsing. At one particular time I was told to tell my husband to go to b&b and buy duck tape and fix it himself. He had to buy the stuff get up the ladder and fix it which is when we realised the guttering can’t be connected to the facials as they are rotten. Chmp have behaved appallingly and treated us so badly. They can take us to court if they want our house. They won’t have a leg to stand on as we have so much against them and they have no reason to evict us. They can build around us if this goes ahead for all I care. I know my rights I have done a lot of research. I have no confidence in chmp or their regen team whatsoever. We do have one bedroom that isn’t always occupied and get used regularly when the grandchildren stay which is often. My son is special needs and cannot cope with change or can under any circumstances share his room with my grandchildren I will not put him through the torture of having to stress over losing our house as well as having to share his room.

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