Answered: Question to Merton Council re the CHMP commissioned independent poll…

At the November 2015 full council meeting, Christopher Holt, Chair of Ravensbury RA asked about the Local Plan Consultation and where CHMP fits in.

Merton Council has said that their officers (not councillors note) are not recommending that the second stage consultation on the council’s draft Estates Local Plan should start until Cabinet has been advised what Circle Housing Merton Priory’s decision on regeneration means for residents and the council. However, we understand that CHMP has been making submissions to Merton Council, so maybe Stage 2 of the Local Plan consultation is literally only around the corner.

Full text below: (our bold text)

12). From Christopher Holt (Chair, Ravensbury Residents Association) To the Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Community and Culture

Following polls by Ravensbury Residents Association failing to agree with results of the CHMP-commissioned survey, will Merton Council pledge to continue with all stages of the future Merton local plan consultation & properly reveal all opinions of residents, PRIOR to Merton regen getting further approval from Merton Council?

Councillors will reach their own conclusions on all the evidence at the appropriate time of the views of residents.
On 09 July 2014 Merton Council made several resolutions relating to exploring Circle Housing Merton Priory’s proposals for regeneration on the three estates of Eastfields, High Path and Ravensbury, including to explore what the regenerated estates could look like by progressing with a planning document (known as an Estates Local Plan) in consultation with residents and others.
Between September and November 2014 the council consulted residents on the first stage of the Estates Local Plan to ascertain the extent to which residents and stakeholders wanted the change and to identify what the important issues, opportunities and concerns were. Nearly 300 responses were received and published.

On 12 October 2015 the council received a letter from CHMP confirming that their board decision was as follows:
“Circle Housing Merton Priory and Circle’s Management Board has approved the preparation of planning applications for the first phases of the Merton Regeneration Project, subject to reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement with the London Borough of Merton on aspects of the Stock Transfer Agreement which
impact on the regeneration project

Now the council needs to fully understand the housing, financial, legal and planning implications of what Circle Housing has agreed and the associated opportunities and impacts arising from this in order to ensure that residents remain at the heart of the project and get the best outcome.

Officers are therefore not recommending that the second consultation on the council’s draft Estates Local Plan should start until Cabinet has been advised what Circle Housing Merton Priory’s decision on regeneration means for residents and the council. This consultation will be brought to Cabinet and Council for decision only at that time.

There are no legal limitations on when planning applications can be submitted to the council. The council is required to undertake public consultation on submitted planning applications and consider all consultation feedback received to inform subsequent determination of applications.



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